Sunday, April 22, 2007

International Melbourne Shuffle: Apekwhuut / Malaysia

Malaysia is probably the hottest place on the planet for the Melbourne Shuffle outside of Melbourne, at the moment.

>> If you have no idea where Malaysia is, see the GoogleEarth – CybaFaeries map of Melbourne Shuffle sites for Kuala Lumpur (KL) and Johor Bahru (JB), Malaysia.

Originally Malaysian students studying in Melbourne, learnt the Melbourne Shuffle at clubs and parties in Melbourne, then showed people how to do it when they got back home.

These days people such as Apekwhuut (Apek), have learnt the Melbourne Shuffle from Youtube.

Melbourne Shuffle OldSkoolers are more than happy that the shuffle is spreading by technology, as it was technology, or Techno Culture as we called it in the Melbourne Shuffle OldSkool era early 1990’s, that helped create the Melbourne Shuffle. In particular Techno, the generic name for electronic dance music such as acid, techno, trance and hardcore, which was broadcast on Radio and Television (see TVU, RRR, PBS & KISS, Topics for posts)

I contacted Apek after seeing his youtube video of nearly 1 year ago "Mario Woo Shuffle In Competition In time square kl", featuring his old team (crew/group). Apek had only been dancing the Melbourne Shuffle for a few months at this time. Some fine dancing for such a short time at it. And a very good example of what can be done by Melbourne Shuffle beginners - if anyone reading is thinking of starting.

Mario Woo Shuffle In Competition In time square kl

The original team's no longer together, because of the shortage of time with work commitments etc, but Apek has now put together a new team JB Rockers. Apek insists that the team is just for fun and if a promoter or sponsor asks them to dance, they will. And why wouldn't they? There's plenty of Shufflers in Melbourne who'd love to get requests like that.

Unfortunately the Melbourne Shuffle is still underground in Melbourne these days! Yes, even after 15 years. At any shopping center or Civic event they'll get break dancers in, but no Melbourne Shufflers. Sad isn't it.

So in respect of the exhibition Melbourne Shuffling, as you will see in lots of Apekwhuut and other Malaysian vids, I would proclaim Malaysians the World Leaders!! Good on you, well done, and lets hope others pick up on it.

I've posted a range of Apek's vids below, and you can find more at and

You can find more about Malaysian/Singaporean Melbourne Shufflers at the excellent Clept Forum

JB Rockers
JB Rockers: Aan, NaJib, BoTaKz, AboY, AbAng, AcAi, ALiF, UjAnG, AzHa, ApEkWhuut.

Jb Rocka Feat StyLo ShuFFLeR

azmer and apekwhuut

My Team = Mario Woo Shuffle In Competiton In City square Jb

ApEkWhuuT Shuffle At CS

ApEkWhuuT ShuFFLe

ApEkWhuuT Vs AbanG HardStyLe

My Shuffle Mate


And the latest from Apek

Malaysian Hardstyler

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Let us know what's going on in your part of the planet.

Know of someone or a team who we should all know about? Then please email Garry Shepherd - with the links or info.

UPDATE 15 August 2007

Here's some more Malaysian Melbourne Shufflers mentioned in the comments. Keep them coming so we can all find about more about you :)

Shifter Clanz





  1. ExMlbourne Pro ShufflerJuly 9, 2007 at 12:56 PM

    dude. its just a performance. why citicise so much? shuffling is a free dance right. so of course anyone can do anything with it that comes in their mind. choreograpehd so what? thats how it is gonna be for performance right? =D There a lot of ppl in jb out there such like "SHIFTER"..The Awesome clanz with amazing choreograpehed!..Catch their vid in youtube!..

  2. what happen to u guys?..what so special abt this apek? just a free dance right?.there a lots in jb if u wanna meet real shuffle..just free yourself in ny club..

  3. Yes Melbourne Shuffle is a free style dance, and that means you are free to choreograph if you want. Nobody want to stop you.

    Choreograph, no choreograph, team, no team...all Melbourne shuffle :)

  4. i form MLAYSIA!

    some group SHIFTER!

    thankx 2 all!



  5. Come to Johor Bahru , Johor , Malaysia~

  6. this is too overrated for this apek, Gary. and i dun think he is one of the earliest ppl who shuffle in malaysia. i'm from malaysia and i knew a bunch that shuffle much more earlier and they nvr reveal their vid out.

    "I would proclaim Malaysians the World Leaders!! Good on you, well done"

    imho this sentence is too exaggerate

  7. Apek was chosen as an 'example' of Malaysian Melbourne Shuffle for 4 reasons, 1. He's good, 2. He has a team, 3. he has lots of vids on youtube. 4. He agreed to be interviewed for Melbourne shuffle Oldskool.

    No, he's not the earliest Malaysian Melbourne Shuffler at all, only been shuffling for a year as i mention in the article.

    Malaysians have been shuffling for at least 10 years that I know of in Melbourne, and Hayden Oberin for instance, knows many of them even before Youtube.

    So Apek, and JB Rocka were included as an example of Malaysian Shufflers now, not meaning to say the first. I wanted to encourage new shufflers too. Not just oldskool or firsts in a country. Sorry for any misunderstanding.

    I say Malaysian Shufflers are the World Leaders for 'Exhibition' Shuffling. 'Exhibition' being a new form of shuffling seen mostly in Malaysia.

    Exhibition Shuffling = Live shuffling in front of crowd on stage, mall, contest etc, rather than just on party/club dance floor or just by self on youtube at home.

    Exhibition shuffling also has teams, choreography etc.

    Melbourne doesn't have teams or exhibition shuffling that I know of, there are no competitions etc in Melbourne. (Maybe one or two in clubs, but no youtube vids) So Malaysian are the world leaders in Exhibition shuffling.

    Sorry for misunderstanding.

    Melbourne Shuffle Oldskool is for international audience, and we can only see other countries shuffling on Youtube.

    I am sure there are many great shufflers and teams that aren't on Youtube, but unless we visit your town, we don't know about them.

    So please, put up vids so we can all see. We love to see how eveyone does their version of the Melbourne Shuffle.

  8. thanks for the clarification Gary :)

    some of the earliest ppl and the u-so-called team, videos can be find in Youtube. this are me mates

  9. Thanx for the youtube links :) I put the vids in the article post

  10. hi gary, thank you for added our vid in yr blog.Here im enclosed our new vid.Thank again.