Sunday, June 3, 2012

Global Shuffle 1990-2010 DVD

Global Shuffle 1990:2010 - DVD Out Now !
$14.95 + shipping
80 Mins
16:9 Widescreen
5:1 (big bass) Audio
(Xtreme) Color
Some Strobe lighting

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On the edge of the planet, next stop south pole, there is a city that speaks over 200 languages.
They have one dance, The MELBOURNE SHUFFLE.

Now it's gone Global

We follow the development of this distinctive and much loved underground dance style, from the dark murky dance floors of a recession ravaged Melbourne underground arts community in the early 1990's, to the global dance style of choice by todays online generation born during it's creation.

Directed by Melbourne born and based artist Garry Shepherd GLOBAL SHUFFLE 1990:2010 presents the most creative and significant Melbourne Shufflers and shuffle moves over 20 years, Using rare original archival shuffle footage and interviews shot by Shepherd combined with new footage from todays international shufflers, the documentary examines the impact of Melbourne Shuffle culture with it's inclusive tolerant no-hate ethos, in a world typically at war with itself.


The shuffle community today is principally an online culture. Not based on text, music, or photos. Based on movement. Not until Youtube could we communicate meaningfully about dance.

Dance is learnt by imitation, and it’s difficult to describe movement in text especially when you have no common point of reference. Jump ? How high ? But a few seconds of footage and everybody is clear on it.

The dance language succeeds by crossing spoken/text language barriers and can be engaged at a primary level regardless of spoken language.

There is no spoken language basis in Shuffling, no rap, no lyrics, no singing, no word based poetry. They can be included at will, but Shuffling is predominantly visual communication. Dance, gesture movement, visual arts, fashion. Shuffling is a multidiscipline arts based culture.

The shufflers write, shoot, edit, add music, text, logos, video effects to their short film productions, as well as dance in them. Unknown to many shufflers of today, they are imitating the original shuffle culture, which began in a Melbourne underground TV studio.

So it’s to this audience (though not exclusively ) I’ve chosen the structural narrative for Global Shuffle. It’s a visual and movement language showing the development of moves and style over 20 years. Comparing or contrasting todays shufflers with the oldskool, featuring outstanding performances and artists, and generally trying to have a fun time about it.

Shuffling is a feel good culture. We figure the real world has enough bad stuff for us if we really want it, but we don’t. Give us good friends, a safe place and a smooth bit of floor and we’re happy !

Garry Shepherd Global Shuffle – Director

For discussion, Melbourne Shuffle tutorial, history and scenes from the movie, please see the MSO Forum

Friday, January 6, 2012



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Welcome to the Space Shuffle Program.

We reckon the Moon has been a bit neglected as the boffins continue to chase after anything in a red skirt, and want Mars now.
So with the growing interest in Space tourism (once the recession is over) we would like to invite Australia, USA, Russia, China, Japan, India, Saudi Arabia, Sth Korea and Nth Korea and any private space travel company or other country with a space program, to meet-up on the Moon as a gesture of good will, to keep the moon as free and natural as possible for as long as we can. Like an international park, with free entry !

We know one day it will be mined, perhaps as a fuel source for interplanetary commutes, but until then, lets keep it as spectacular as it has been for all of us earth creatures for some time (decades/centuries) to come.
Seeing as people have been playing golf, taking happy snaps to send home and generally poking around the surface, we reckon it's time to Shuffle.


1. Phase 1. We lobby both Russian and American governments to get an American and Russian astro/cosmo- naut to shuffle together in the Space Station as a gesture of peace and good will from the people of earth.
If we can achieve that, then a Free Moon Rave is a real possibility, with the efforts of world governments and private moon quests, to preserve, at least for as long as possible the pristine beauty of our moon.

Who here would like to watch the Earth Rise from the Sea Of Tranquility after a rave ?