Monday, November 17, 2008


With so many shuffle crews around now, MSO is introducing an OFFICIAL SHUFFLE CREW REGISTER service for Shuffle Crews.


The MSO OFFICIAL SHUFFLE CREW REGISTER will help serious crews to identify themselves as legit and lay claim to their shuffle crew name, with contact email and details such as what countries they operate in, post links to facebook/orkut etc pages if they have them, and promote their crew merchandise and upcoming events - ALL FREE

This will also help new crews find out if a crew name is taken. At the moment, most crew name lists are just forum games, and the names don't belong to any crew at all.

Beginner crews can register their new name on the MSO OFFICIAL SHUFFLE CREW REGISTER and immediately start recruiting.

Most shufflers want to be in a crew in their local area, but don't know anyone else in town who shuffles. So here's a chance for you to connect.


  • It's free and will remain online permanently
  • Crews can publicly register their crew name
  • Crews can provide public contact details
  • Crews can post recruit ads
  • Shufflers can post want to join a crew ads
  • Crews can promote their events, meet-ups and merchandise.
  • Crews can display Crew Shuffle banners (links below) on their site, blog, forum etc to show they are on the MSO official crew register. 
  • All Crews have their names posted in the MSO sidebar and linked to their registration.

So what are you waiting for ??? Here's the link...


Links to Crew Shuffle Banners

Avatar 100 px wide

Medium 180 px wide


Large 400 px wide

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