Thursday, November 29, 2007

Monday, November 19, 2007

Xmas City Travillion Party. Kuching Malaysia. 22-25 Dec 2007


Xmas City Promo vid


It’s a 3 nites event which kicks-off on the 22nd Dec nite called the Xmas City Travillion Party, held at Travillion Commercial Centre starting from 9p.m. you get a free drink when you come with your ticket to any of the participating club. They even have lucky draw on that nite too, plus free admission for your friends and family!

On the following day 23rd Dec, it’s the Xmas City Santa & Santarina Run which is gonna be held at Kuching Waterfront at 7.30a.m. in the morning. As the event name said, it’s a RUN not a party. Cool prizes to be won for that event.

More details and registration enquiries,

Lastly on the Christmas Day itself, it will be a Xmas City Cocktail Party to be held at Civic Centre Hall. it’s gonna start at 6.30 pm

<> X-Statik (Melbourne AUS) Tech Trance
<> Cbell J (Miri) Trance
<> Jellybeanx (Kuching) House

This event will end at around 11p.m. but not worry. after that, there’ll be an after-party event at Zen & MC3 feat. X-Statik & Cbell J as guest djs for those who couldn’t get enough!

Before i forget, ticket price is at RM 25.00 per head and you can get it from these outlets in Kuching:
- Aarofitness
- Gizmo Gamers
- Star Cineplex
- Zen
- Le-Rendezvous
- BarZing

This event is Supported By :-
Official Telco Partner Celcom

Official Sponsors  Heineken & Pepsi 'Sting'

Promotional Partners Star Cineplex, Hive, Cats Radio, Gizmo Gamers, Aarofitness

Participating Outlets Amoebar, Barzing, City Jungle, Le-Rendezvous, MC3, Zen

Event's official website:

Comments/discussions on this event:

Elvin (Jellybeanx)
Tribezone Events
Edited by Gracie @ Celt - Event's co-supporter MASH Clubbing Community x-statik.myspace

Sunday, November 18, 2007

SHUFFLE MEET 8 December 2007. Melbourne. FED SQUARE STAGE at 12 Saturday

Well meet up at the fed square stage area at lyk 12 i'll b there around 11 probably earlier with some friends and once everyones arrives we can move spots =]
hope u all can make it.

More Info at Melbshuffle Forum

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Pasir Gudang - Shuffle Festival & Competition - Malaysia

Over 40 teams and 40 solo shufflers competed at the recent Shuffle Festival and Competition in Pasir Gudang (Malaysia) last week (10 November 2007).

Malaysian Shufflers have really got a good thing going here. I know plenty of Shufflers around the world, would just love to have any event like this, let alone so many in it.

  • Event organiser's, please let us know when your events are on, we would be happy to promote them for you on Melbourne Shuffle Oldskool. Email details to Garry Shepherd

And the Winners are...


1st Runner-up : JB Rocka
2nd Runner-up : Hard Kid

Congratulations to all of you !!!

And to the other contestants, Good on You, and how about posting your vids online too, we want to see who you are as well :)

So here's some great vids of the Shuffle Festival and Competition in Pasir Gudang 10 November 2007.


~~~~ <> ~~~~



Very well done again Shifter, you're certainly on a roll with these wins. Good to see 'everyone' from Shifter in the pic this time too ;) 

Shifter are showing some impressive synchronization skills now, the result of lots and lots of practice. The moving circle is great and the white gloves a nice touch. Winning performance all around. The Shufflers at this event are Noe, Dien, Izam, Kechik, Afiez, Abby, Saha & Faez

shifter hardstyle prodigy @ Pasir Gudang

And Shifter's latest shuffle vid, having a lot of fun with the effects. Not a bad music mix too.

shifter hardstyle prodigy(homemade hardstyle)



JB Rocka, good to see you in action.

JB Rocka@Pasir Gudang



And for the first time on Melbourne Shuffle Oldskool, Hardkid. Congratulations and Welcome. We hope to see lots more of you in the future.

HARDKID@pasir gudang~



Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Banned In New York

Be very careful if you're thinking of dancing the Melbourne Shuffle in most New York City (USA) clubs, because it's banned. And not just the Melbourne Shuffle, but all styles of dancing. You'll see signs like this (pic right) telling you so.

But Freedom of Speech = Freedom of Dance doesn't it? Don't you believe it, and this comes from the Land of the Free -America, too.

How can they enforce it? Locks and chains on club doors usually, and courts have been successfully doing it for 80 years now, as reported in the New York Post...




February 23, 2007

...A bid to overturn the city's cabaret law was tripped up yesterday when a state appeals court held that the statute, which bars (bans) dancing in most bars and taverns, is constitutional.

A group of social dancers had filed a lawsuit saying the law - which requires establishments to have difficult-to-get cabaret licenses if they allow three or more people to dance - violated their right of free expression.

"Recreational dancing is not a form of expression protected by the federal or state constitutions," the state Appellate Division ruled.

In a unanimous decision, the five-judge panel found the purposes of the 80-year-old law were "to protect the health, safety and general welfare of the public by limiting noise, congestion and various hazards in residential areas."


NB: 'Cabaret' is an old word for a bar/nightclub sort of thing.

The ban came about in the 1920's USA prohibition era, when alcohol was banned. Part of it was crowd control, with drunken idiots yahoo-ing around in the street outside of venues in residential neighborhoods. Fair enough. We get them in Melbourne, they start fights, smash windows, stab people, and gangs of 15 will bash just one who happens to be walking by - for 'fun'. But they're not dancers, they're violent drunks.

So why not just ban the drunks ?

Our oldskool warehouse parties in Melbourne were done as far away from neighbors as possible. We didn't want to 'disturb the neighbors', we had nothing to prove. We just wanted to be left alone to dance, which is why our first priority was to find an isolated remote site, such as a warehouse in an industrial area that was shut down for the weekend when we'd do our party. We'd arrive, party and leave, and for locals it was as though we were never there. Not the easiest thing to achieve with a mega-watt sound system, a laser light show you could see from Mars and crowds dressed in fluro phatties, but we did it.

It was underground, that was the whole point.

But clubs are a different story, they like everyone knowing they exist, they live and die on attention. They sell more beer when everyone knows where they are. A rowdy crowd out the front is the best billboard they can get. They love the attention even if it's bad. I've known some Melbourne Club owners who deliberately go out of their way to cause controversy, just for the attention. It's a completely different attitude.

For instance who'd even heard of this Tim Sabre idiot or Raw Entertainment, before he said he wanted to ban the Melbourne Shuffle? He was a nobody. But now he's got our attention.

As many Shufflers have commented, it's the violent drunks who are the problem, both inside and outside, not the shufflers. I totally agree. These drunks spoil it for everyone, and they don't care. As long as 'they' have fun, everybody else can go to hell.

But there was a much more sinister side to the origins of this New York dancing ban...Racism.

The thought of New Yorkers of different races mixing together was considered obscene, the segregation laws also made it illegal. Dancing together was just the same.

Someone didn't want the 'wild strangers and foolish natives' (original words) or the weird 'bohemians' for that matter, mixing on the dancefloor, or anywhere really. They feared they might breed. 'Half breeds' was the disgusting phrase used for the children of mixed race.

These were not the most tolerant of times.

Prohibition didn't last long - too many politicians who like to drink I guess. Racism still rears it's damned ugly head, but is less of an issue since the civil rights movements of the 1960's.

But for some unholy reason, dancing is still banned by courts and the ban is considered constitutional.

And we're not talking about some distant past we only know about through old black and white documentary film footage. This is happening now.

No, Free Speech does not equal Free Dance.

And Tim Sabre of Raw Entertainment is trying to introduce exactly the same laws into Australia, using exactly the same legal argument, that has worked in New York City for the past 80 years. Don't let him!

Melbourne Shuffle Oldskool has been in touch with Metropolis In Motion and the New York Dance Parade both groups of pro-dance New Yorkers who have been protesting against the New York ban, with dance marathons and protest parades the past couple of years.

We might be able to help each other. Check out their sites, they have some great info, especially as they have 80 years of experience living under dance bans. Understanding the legal reasons for the ban, the press response, and the actions you can take to fight a dance ban, are empowering.

New Yorkers typically aren't shy and retiring types ;) they speak their mind and kick arse. But they have been loosing this battle for 80 years ! It's not just a bad joke. It's for real !

And now the battle is in Sydney and could even spread to you.

So let's stop this thing spreading any further, and see if in the process, we can help our dance loving friends in New York have the same Dance Freedom, the rest of us take as a human right.

So move it or lose it, Protect your Freedom to Dance.

~~~~  <>  ~~~~

Saturday, November 3, 2007

No Shuffle Ban !

How about Shufflers post a special youtube Shuffle vid as a protest to Melbourne Shuffle Bans.

Just put NO SHUFFLE BAN in the title of your vid with your other credits, and 'noshuffleban' as a tag.

This will give you a chance to show your protest by celebrating Shuffling, and let any other idiots even thinking of banning it know, that we're all as one on this. That we're all watching, that we'll all support each other from around the world, to protect each others FREEDOM TO SHUFFLE !

We'll feature the vids on Melbourne Shuffle Oldskool too. Just send us a link to your vids when they're online, so we don't miss them. Post the links in the sidebar No Shuffle Ban vid links & comments box or email to

Friday, November 2, 2007

Shufflers Fight Back at Ban

Great news posted by Sydney Shuffler Marc Losper on Melbourne Shuffle Oldskool about dropkick promoter Tim Sabre of Raw Entertainment's stupid suggestion to ban the Melbourne Shuffle.

Seems Tim Sabre has underestimated the mighty shufflers and backed down, pulled his head in and also announced he's a former break dancer.

Sounds like Tim Sabre and Raw Entertainment are trying to set Melbourne Shufflers and break dancers against each other, but he probably doesn't realise that most of the Melbourne Shuffle creators were break dancers!!!

Shufflers don't have a problem with break dance, it's not as though you're only allowed to dance just one style! Geez, it's all dance, just personal preference, we call that FREEDOM !!

But Tim Sabre and Raw Entertainment are acting like dance nazi's. The sooner they leave the dance scene and are forgotten, all dance will be the better off for it.'s how things unfolded.


Hey mate,

ninemsn published a follow up to this article...

I'm quoted as a shuffler from Sydney in it and basically shoots the whole ban thing dead.

Tim Sabre also posted a bulletin saying that it was a joke taken out of context and blamed the media. Once he was attacked there, seemingly the bulletin disappeared and he has just gone back to promoting his nights.

Fairly ridiculous action, but as long as we're around, the shuffle's not going anywhere :)

Great website.
Marc Losper


The Nine News story...

Nightclub 'shufflers' fight back

Wednesday Oct 31 14:00 AEDT

By Matthew Bachl ninemsn

A plan to ban a popular dance move from nightclubs has been branded as ridiculous by club managers and party goers.

The high-octane steps of the "Melbourne shuffle" came under fire recently when Sydney promoter Tim Sabre declared war on the move, saying young, drunk shufflers were endangering fellow clubbers.


But his idea to outlaw the step — an upbeat mix of gliding and heel-to-toe rhythm performed with jackhammer like precision — has been savaged by club managers and shuffle lovers.

"I think that is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard in my life," said Manuel Ayas, general manger of Sydney's Home nightclub.

"I mean, freedom of speech … freedom of dance.

"If some people want to dance in this style, then go ahead."

Marc Losper, a 26-year-old shuffler, said the ban would be difficult to implement.

"The idea of somebody making some kind of grandiose gesture to put an end to a dance style is ludicrous," Mr Losper said.

"To try to pin this on one particular dance style makes this seem as if the person behind it has a particular dislike of the style and wants a reason to go after it."

But Mr Sabre, director of Raw Entertainment, has defended his stance, saying he will continue to push for "dance floor courtesy".

"You don’t go to a packed out nightclub and do the samba or the tango or the lambada — you have to mind what is happening at the actual club or event," he said.

"Shufflers aren't doing this."

Since ninemsn broke the story earlier this month, Mr Sabre said people had challenged him to "shuffle-offs" and threatened to perform the steps at his events.

And despite confessing to not being able to do the shuffle, Mr Sabre admitted he did have one style he favoured.

"I used to be a break dancer, for about three to four years," he said.

"I'd always pull out the cardboard boxes and break dance."


Round 2 to the Shufflers !!!

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Southampton, Porterville, Carmichael, Tune, Owego, Palm Springs, Skarzysko-Kamienna, Somerville, Boness, Saiwai, Corvallis, San Luis Obispo, River Forest, Manchester, usaf Academy, Meridian, Nokia, Reston, Rangendingen, Heemstede, Dumfries, Poitiers, Caboolture, Nowe Skalmierzyce, New Bedford, Nacka, Gdansk, Jiddah, Yong-in, Douglas, Weston, Overland Park, Silkeborg, Ft Belvoir, Rapid City, Glenshaw, Carrboro, Milford, Gainesville, Brecksville, La Mesa, Neyagawa, St-Lambert, Rocquencourt, Orkanger, Vaxholm, Menen, Lakeland, Galten, Union City, Uccle, Kalsdorf Bei Graz, Hermitage, Naples, Oppegard, Wetter, Shinagawa, Woodridge, Springfield, Metz, Tecumseh, Sursee, Oldenzaal, Zevenbergen, Jersey City, Granollers, Lansdale, Skarzysko-Kamienna, Mount Pearl, Port Talbot, Gablitz, Mission, Terneuzen, Raymond Terrace, Cocoa, Sandefjord, Hamburg, Laguna Niguel, Victoria, Oak Park, Dungarvan, Berchem, Moorestown, Rio de Janeiro, St-Jerome, Deer Park, Vejle, Bialystok, Newbury Park, Vianen, Weston, Newtown, Rotherham, Gretna, Minden, Yazd, Hillerod, Kaufbeuren, Etterbeek, Seria, Straubing, Friendswood, Fairview Heights, Laatzen, Suzano, Charenton-le-Pont, Clarcona, Des Plaines, Glendale Heights, Durham, Lake Elmo, Cheyenne, Wapenveld, Shelton, Mildura, Livingston, Buzau, Conway, North York, White Hall, Ardooie, Rockhampton, Nagoya, St Augustine, Armidale, London, Aix-en-Provence, Hekendorp, Moordrecht, River Edge, Bergheim, Vleuten, Hurst, Douglas, Hot Springs Village, Silkeborg, Ahlen, Lynwood, Valencia, Ste-Foy, Gavere, San Luis Obispo, Stenungsund, Coffeyville, York, Uppsala, Rostock, Visby, Bremerton, Myrtle Beach, Hill Afb, Brno, Warrenton, Greenock, Berkeley Heights, Hedingen, Sunnyside, Goirle, Kirkkonummi, Houten, Irlam, Waupaca, Modesto, Youngstown, Danbury, Boulder, Villeurbanne, Tonawanda, Kothen, Bellingham, Rochester, Kaltenkirchen, Poole, Wasilla, Seinajoki, Cathedral City, Diepenbeek, Jastrzebie-Zdroj, Bronx, Oosternijkerk, Hendrik Ido Ambacht, Santiago de Compostela, Brea, Hoboken, Pinellas Park, Halsteren, Prince George, Needham, Asheville, Courbevoie, Schweinfurt, Labuan, Goppingen, Siemianowice Slaskie, Brabrand, Puyallup, Belluno, Lancaster, Douai, Pico Rivera, Hospitalet de Llobregat, Wassenaar, Chesterfield, Eschweiler, Kissimmee, Bauru, Sungai Petani, Tours, Kuala Kangsar, Fuzhou, Hockessin, Chrzanow, Kasumigaseki, Innsbruck, Norman, Bladensburg, Asperen, Souvret, Mol, Arden, Bad Oldesloe, Hales Corners, Allston, Newark-on-Trent, Dumfries, Vlissingen, Carmichael, Stafford, Grobbendonk, St Albans, Hopkins, Trier, Lingolsheim, Martinsville, Walsall, Athens, West Bloomfield, El Segundo, Schoten, Lutsk, State College, Bayreuth, Thisted, Anaheim, Ft Myers, Wabrzezno, Manaus, Coimbatore, Roissy-en-Brie, Zagreb, Paia, Dalfsen, Nuneaton, Moerkapelle, Sterling, Zandhoven, Bend, Erfurt, Edegem, Rumst, Helsingor, Sutton Coldfield, Male, Morgantown, Newmarket, Elizabethtown, Bromont, Heemskerk, Traunstein, Evergem, Port Lincoln, Luton, Nuenen, Manado, Pretoria, Aliso Viejo, Schaumburg, Kosice, Ballerup, West Covina, Mont-Royal, Weinsberg, Dvur Kralove Nad Labem, Porsgrunn, Murfreesboro, Greenville, Florence, St Catharines, Kalispell, Lawndale, Roselle Park, Northampton, New Delhi, Oldenburg, Miskolc, Orebro, Windsor, Rancho Cucamonga, Sioux Falls, Baldwin Park, Wallingford, Belmont, Marche-en-Famenne, Casino, Sofia, Rio Piedras, Son en Breugel, Spokane, Kuurne, Ludhiana, Merrillville, Lawrence, Chattanooga, Stowe, Penticton, Casselberry,Naestved, Chimkent, Great Falls, Opglabbeek, Tlalnepantla, Caracas, Bullhead, City, Salzburg, Bolton, Warwick, Titusville, Roseville, Outremont, Southampton, Carbondale, Pasadena, Jabbeke, West Springfield, Deerfield Beach, Wheaton, Provins, Vyskov, Sayreville, Kaiserslautern, Eelde, Utica, Valasske Mezirici, Kajaani, Glen Riddle Lima, Suffolk, Mansfield, Newport, Helmond, Brighton, Springfield, Aleksandrow Lodzki, Kansas City, Manila, Riverside, Biloxi, Columbus, Castelnau-le-Lez, Sandviken, Brewer, Paramount, Lidingo, Hagerstown, Johnson City, Temuco, Papendrecht, Oldsmar, Reims, Sudbury, Caen, Laziska Gorne, Noida, Teesdorf, Szentendre, Azusa, Leakesville, Den Dolder, San Juan, Brugge, Dodewaard, Tirgu Mures, Woodley, Bedford Park, Greensboro, Renton, Lincoln, Long Island City, East Rutherford,Tamuning, Moorpark, Weert, Dinant, Beerse, Fareham, Potters Bar, Meppen, Waldbronn, East Freetown, Middletown, Bletchley, Nazareth, Sale, Wichita, Carrboro, Yamato, Neyagawa, Sun City, Brecksville, Oskarshamn, Tune, Bay Shore, Rapid City, Gardena, Waalwijk, Vejen, Pomezia, Stone Mountain, Jiddah, Hodogaya, Nacka, Loves Park, Nowe Skalmierzyce, Herford, Poitiers, Wezembeek-Oppem, Grouw, Bloemendaal, Rangendingen, Altrincham, Nokia, Harvey, usaf Academy, Palmerston North, Manchester, Minsk, Southgate, Baxter, Saiwai, Eisenstadt, Somerville, Luxembourg, Salida, Ilkeston, Porterville, Lutz, Bouwel, Aurora, Falkirk, Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Jyvaskyla, Belgrade, Wielsbeke, Falls Church, Kao-Hsiung, Trondheim, Konan, Zwaag, Cloverdale, Tarentum, Seremban, Panningen, Medellin, Herning, Canton, Warwick, Oud-Beijerland, Bolingbrook, Camberley, Stapleford, Ludwigsburg, Tifton, Manchester, Baarn, Campodarsego, Darmstadt, Vicente Lopez, Stafford, Banja Luka, La Seyne-sur-Mer, Oostende, Albury, Tanjungpinang, Muscle Shoals, Champs-sur-Marne, Hollola, Milford, Taubate, Zug, Brandenburg, Irving, Holbaek, Zonhoven, Moe, Camarillo, Horsham, Driebergen.

NB: Some city names appear more than once because they are from different countries or states/territories of a country.