Monday, February 25, 2008

Shuffle is 'immoral and indecent'

Dirty dancing 

By Larry Hart - Daily Gazette, Feb 1921

A veteran dancing master of St. Louis announced the closing of his dance hall to all public dances “until public tastes and manners improve.”

Professor F. Lester Caindenin declared that public dancing in the past several months had become more immoral and indecent than at any time in the last 30 years....

This was the Prohibition Era, the beginning of the Roaring Twenties, and though things would be getting a lot livelier in a few more years, the dancing master was already fed up.

One of his grievances was against the “toddle” or “shuffle” craze, which he said drove decent people off the dance floor. He also said the time had come when dance hall proprietors “must keep a guard at their door to watch “spooners” in automobiles at the curb.

“When young girls come to dances with their bodices cut as low and their skirts as high as possible, and the young men enter the ballroom with whiskey flasks on their hips and a pint or two under their belts, and when such dances as “toddle” and “shuffle” are tolerated, the result is something hard to picture in printable terms,” Caindenin said.


>> Naa that's cool Professor, we can picture it ;) Something like this :

Tasty - Commerce Club. Garry Shepherd 1994

So there ya go folks, 87 years later Shufflers are still driving 'decent people' off the dance floor :)

The lesson we have learned here is simple and quite nice to know :)

You can't stop Shufflers Shuffling!!

Go on...have a little shuffle, just for the Prof ;)




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