Thursday, July 28, 2011

For Norway: Freedom and Love [GSM]2011 Drammen 6.08.2011

We have been in discussion with our shuffle friends in Norway about whether it is appropriate to have a meetup so soon after the killing tragedy.

Norwegians are the creators of the Nobel Peace Prize and survived Nazi occupation and burnt earth policy trying to erase any trace of Sami people from the planet in WW2. The Nazi’s failed, the Norwegians survived and continue to show the world how to respond to aggressors with a vigil of flowers.

The rest of the world can learn a lot from Norway, and needs to.

Locals have asked the meetup not only go ahead but expands. There will an afternoon all age session and an evening session which will be in a club for older shufflers.

Global Shuffle will be officially dedicating this meetup to the people of Norway for Freedom and Love.




So far about 100 locals from Drammen have confirmed they’ll attend, and we expect many more.

Our first priority is for local safety, and we may need to change plans or location on short notice. So please check with the local facebook page for the event in Drammen. Any immediate changes will appear there, then be officially confirmed in this post as an update.


Our Meet Up Sound System sponser Konnerud Lyd og Lys


Tenkte jeg skulle legge ut litt informasjon hvor mye Lyd, lys, lasere og scene Konnerud Lyd og Lys sponser Shuffle Meet Up'en i drammen.

1 x Luna 550mW color laser (lots of different colers)
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Drammen Shuffle Meetup #1 06.08.2011

HASC Shuffle Meet Up – 28.02.2012

OSLO Shuffle Meet Up 30.06.2012

Sunday, July 24, 2011

[GSM] 2011 Drammen. Norway. 6 August 2011

Welcome to the first official GLOBAL SHUFFLE MEETUP for 2011 Season.

Please check this official thread for updates about the Drammen Global Shuffle meetup, including the location.

Sted: Drammen. Norway
Kl: 14:00 - 21-00
Dato: 6. August 2011

City: Drammen. Norway
Time:14:00 - 21:00
Date: 6. August 2011




This is what we will use on the music, and it aint a boomblaster =D

And media (Drammens Tidene) newspaper will show up for the event, had an invervju to day) =D


MSO is proud to let shufflers know Konnerud Lyd og Lys (pic above) is our official sponsor for the first [GSM] 2011 of the season in Drammen Norway. Great looking sound system mate, we really appreciate your support.

And you can hear it live in Drammen Norway 6 August 2011.

Local MSO organiser Andre Ekerholt / aka PiXy says "I made the newspaper to day =D Front page second part =D newspaper name is (Drammens Tidene)

So now more then 100.000 people know's about the meetup!!! I have also contacted the TV. Maybe it will hit the norwegian news on tv!”

A BIG Thanks to Drammens Tidene from MSO and shufflers around the globe for their great support, showing the world how it’s done :D


Konnerud Lyd og Lys Links

Tenkte jeg skulle legge ut litt informasjon hvor mye Lyd, lys, lasere og scene Konnerud Lyd og Lys sponser Shuffle Meet Up'en i drammen.

1 x Luna 550mW color laser (lots of different colers)
2 x Venus 50mW green laser
1 x Uranus 100mW green laser
1 x Mercury 100mW red laser

2x 250W colorchanger
1 x Strobe of 1500WATT!!


4 x 18" Yorkville Sub
3 x 15" Electro Voice topp

3x American Audio VX2500
1250 W pr topp
800W pr sub!



We are shocked and saddened to hear news of the bombing and massacre shootings in Oslo. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of those killed and injured, and with our shuffle friends in Norway.

More details Herald Sun Melbourne:

MSO will be monitoring the situation in relation to hold the Drammen meetup 6 August 2011. It may be postponed for some time.

We will be taking direction from local authorities as to whether the meetup will go ahead. Our primary concern is for the safety of those attending.

Please check this official thread for updates.



This is a message from Global Shuffle organiser Andre in Drammen...

Hello From Norway.

I am very sad right now I have friends lost in the attack.
And I am still going to have the shuffle meetup!

Many of us are shocked after the attack Norway is a very peaceful country and nothing like this have ever happened before..

I am very thankful for your understanding, Everyone I meet is to sad about it right now 3 people from my town where killed after the attack and my BEST friend lost his sister.. it is unthinkable ...

But we are going to shuffle with passion and I will dance for freedom and expression of love.


Garry Shepherd: I've asked the guys to postpone the meetup, but I can understand the need, especially now for them to be with each other and support each other in this time of great sorrow. We'll be monitoring the situation and taking advice from local authorities as well.

More details about the tragedy from Drammens Tidene

This is the Norway Andre would like shufflers to know about in his latest shuffle vid before the tragedy.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

WORLD PREMIER- GLOBAL SHUFFLE. FILE-Documenta. Brazil. 19 July-21Aug 2011

MSO is proud to announce the World Premier screening season of GLOBAL SHUFFLE at FILE-documenta in Brazil


Place: SESI Art Gallery - FIESP - Ruth Cardoso Cultural Center - Av. Paulista, 1313 - Trianon-Masp subway station
Dates: July 19 to August 21, 2011
Times:  Mondays, 11 am-8 pm; Tuesdays to Saturdays, 10 am-8 pm; Sundays, 10 am-7 pm
Info: (11) 3146-7405 / 3146-7406 /
Group visits: Mondays to Fridays, 10 am-1 pm, 2 pm-5 pm; schedule at 3146-7396 / with Leni
MeetUps: Daily check official meetup thread for details

FILE Documenta, in its 6th edition, presents "rare and new" documentaries, with the aim of putting into discussion different dialogues among cultural / social actions, communication, music, art and contemporary technologies.

So lets see all you Brazilian shufflers at the movie !!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

[GSM] 2011. Port Macquarie NSW Australia. 6 August 2011

Welcome to the first official Australian [GSM] 2011. Port Macquarie NSW Australia

City: Port Macquarie NSW Australia
Time: 11:00 to 15:00
Date: 6 August 2011

Lots more details including specific location here on the official [GSM] 2011 Port Macquarie thread

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

MIFF Cultural Cringe want Belgium dance film The Fairy not Melbourne Shuffle

The embarrassing decision by the MIFF Melbourne International Film Festival to reject the premier of it’s own towns dance for a Belgium dance film is the disgusting bigotry of systematic corruption and Cultural Cringe

> By the way, we quite like Belgium dance, my video art works were published in the recent Mechelen (Belgium)  City Visions Project/MuHKA (Antwerp’s Museum of Modern Art), All That Is Solid Melts Into Air – Five Reflections on Materialist Spirituality in Contemporary Art. Wonderful people to work with and an honor to be invited.

I am sure the Belgium dance film makers did not request we be bumped from the festival and I’m sure they are already fully aware of the Melbourne Shuffle since it’s already gone mainstream in Holland a few years ago. And I quite like fairy’s, they are part of my Sami and Celtic cultural heritage and I am the creator of the Cybafaeries Fine Art robots which are based on the Melbourne Shuffle girls of the 1990’s.

We call on the Victorian Arts Minister, Premier Ted Baillieu to stand up for locals instead of this groveling cowardice and weakness in actively showing pride and passion in Melbourne culture.

We ask Sydney born MIFF Patron Geoffrey Rush to show some balls and stand up for local Melbourne film makers. Especially since at his 60th birthday party/MIFF launch party he brags "My (MIFF) poster idea was to graphically highlight the sex in sexagenarian."

No reflection on Geoffrey's acting ability or career, but as Patron of a film festival taking local taxpayers money and professing to be Australia's largest showcase of new Australian cinema and most vocal champion of both emerging and established local filmmaking talent… just what are we seeing for our money and his Patronage, apart from the premier of his own movie ? It’s a fair question because it’s our money and our culture he professes to be a champion of.

Well Geoffrey, we are waiting to hear your voice, all we get is embarrassed silence.

UPDATE 6.08.2011 Seems Geoffrey’s movie wins The Age Critics award too, no surprises there. Global Shuffle was not eligible. One can question the bias of the critics seeing as they are all employed by The Age newspaper. The Age is the major media partner and sponsor of MIFF. Hardly an award based on objectivity, more like a vanity award. I don’t think the movie is actually made in Melbourne otherwise they’d be saying so – a lot, and so is not a Melbourne movie as such or even about Melbourne. The Victorian Arts Minister Ted Baillieu, has been as quiet as a mouse, scared of them I guess or star struck. Either way, Neither Geoffrey or Ted are people we can trust to champion local culture with local taxpayers money, and The Age is…well was a great Melbourne paper, but has turned into mindless pap lately.

I’m sad for the people of Melbourne suffocated by their own town’s cultural cringe, while Global Shuffle screens daily in Sao Paulo Brazil for a month at the prestigious international Arts festival FILE Documenta  and while the GLOBAL SHUFFLE meetup in Drammen Norway, for Freedom and Love is held on the same day, just 2 weeks after the brutal murders of 77 Norwegians by a sadistic Nazi who proclaimed Australia’s right wing Liberal party Prime Minister John Howard (Sydney) and deputy Peter Costello (Melbourne) as inspirations for his killings and race hate.

The same right wing party is the ruling political party of the Australian state of Victoria. The Victorian Arts Minister Premier Ted Baillieu, is it’s leader. The former Liberal leader and Victorian Arts Minister Jeff Kennett – who appears as the new Victorian Premier in Global Shuffle immediately expressing disapproval of the strip search of 463 club patrons by Victoria Police in a TV and Radio news clip 1994, speedily and publically announced his opposing views of Howard and Costello. Ted…?

We have people around the world celebrating our home towns culture, and our arts minister has nothing to say ? That’s just plain rude and discourteous from the elected public servant and official state leader.

Come on Ted, we’re not asking you to like it, but for the people of Victoria whose culture is on show to the world,

Please, at least, Show some manners !


UPDATE 7 September 2011

Now the right wing conservative Liberal Party of Australia wants a Dutch Nazi promoter to visit Australia. This is along with sterilizing the disabled.

As professed Christians, They hate Islam. Except they both ‘worship’ the same God of Abraham.

They protest way too much and fool no one.

You act like a Nazi, you are a Nazi.


UPDATE 7 September 2011

THE Liberal senator accused of supporting a self-confessed Islamophobic Dutch politician has asked a Sydney Muslim to ''publicly denounce'' fundamentalist Islam before he corresponded with him.

Arch-conservative South Australian senator Cory Bernardi has been under fire from moderates in his own party for extending an invitation to visit Australia to Dutch politician Geert Wilders.

Read more:

We call on the Senator Bernardi to denounce the Norwegian Nazi’s actions and murderous hate campaign, with the unqualified support of the Liberal Party leaders (federal Leader) Tony Abbott and (State Leader) Ted Baillieu.

UPDATE 13 September 2011


''I'd be happy to put my head on the block and argue with any historians that Melbourne was the centre of eugenics in Australia,'' he says.

Very disturbing news about the Nazi Eugenics movement in Melbourne and it’s champion the University of Melbourne, which the Uni understandably wants covered up for it’s own sake and the sake of prominent Melbourne citizens who were part of the movement. Very nasty Nazi secrets from Germaine Greer’s old school.


by Erica Cervini  Read more:

At the forefront of the eugenics movement in Melbourne was a renowned professor of anatomy, Richard Berry, who in the 1920s measured people's heads in pursuit of a theory that a small head indicated that a person had low intelligence. White, educated people were the smartest, according to Professor Berry; the poor, criminals and Aborigines the least so. He claimed Ned Kelly was a ''mental defective'' because his brain size was that of a 14-year-old.

Berry favoured the establishment of a ''lethal chamber'' to euthanise what he called ''the grosser types of our mental defectives''.

According to Dr Jones, the Eugenics Society of Victoria was ''an offspring of the University of Melbourne''. Many members of the society, which ran from 1936 to 1961, were academics at the university, including Sir John Medley, a vice-chancellor. The university's ''new'' arts building is named after him.

Berry, professor of anatomy at Melbourne between 1906 and 1929, was responsible for the construction of a new anatomy building, which now houses the university's maths and statistics department, and still bears his name.

Berry also collected Aboriginal ancestral remains, which became known as the Berry collection. In 2003, Melbourne University apologised for the ''hurt and understandable indignation felt by indigenous Australians'' after the collection - which included the bones and skulls of about 400 people, mostly Aborigines - was found locked in an anatomy department storeroom.

Dr Jones says there were other influential eugenicists who made Melbourne a focus for the movement.

''I'd be happy to put my head on the block and argue with any historians that Melbourne was the centre of eugenics in Australia,'' he says.

Read more:


Global Shuffle clip: Interviews Millie – Miljano Soekha (2009)

Global Shuffle clip : Commerce House, Tasty Raid. Jeff Kennett


Millie and Scooter (25.08.2011) Hamburg Germany. Stadium Techno Inferno. Live Broadcast.


Russian Melbourne Shuffle Championships 2010. Moscow.



We invite anyone to show their disgust at this abysmal failure to represent local culture to protest at the opening night


Come join us on the red carpet for the glitz and glamour of the Opening Night of the 60th Melbourne International Film Festival, for a special screening of charming modern classic, The Fairy. With special guests such as The Hon Ted Baillieu MP and MIFF Patron Geoffrey Rush, this will be a night of cinema, celebrity and celebration.

After the film, raise a glass of bubbly at the Melbourne Town Hall, where the celebrations will kick into full gear aided by an open bar, delicious canapes and MIFF's famous music maestro Andrew McClelland.

Thursday 21 July 2011
Please arrive by 7:30pm

Dress: Black Tie

Red Carpet and Screening: Greater Union Cinemas, 131 Russell Street, Melbourne.

Official After Party: From 10pm – 1am at Melbourne Town Hall, 90–120 Swanston Street, Melbourne


…an empty seat is just as effective as a protest or an email to The Age newspaper, seeing as they’re MIFF sponsors or something.


UPDATE 11 July 2011

It seems our loathsome government is also selling out our actors as well. Distinguished Melbourne Film TV and Theatre actors vented their disgust with a sneaky law change to screw us and our culture into an early grave. This is what the Nazi’s did to my people (Sami) and a lot of others. It WILL NOT happen here !!

Acting out: Simon Whipp, Gerard Kennedy, Terry Norris, John Flaus and Terry Donovan at the Actors Equity rally.

Burke expressed a sense of betrayal that appeared to be shared by many in the room. ''I am bewildered and frankly disgusted that this initiative has come from a Labor government,'' he said.

''Several weeks ago this same Labor government enlisted the generous support of two of our most high-profile members, Michael Caton and Cate Blanchett, to help them sell their carbon tax. Right in the middle of the controversy that followed for Cate and Michael … the government declared its intention to rip up the rules with respect to imported artists and to sell Australian artists down the river.''


Reported in The Age by Karl Quinn July 11, 2011


UPDATE 19 July 2011

Good news, for Global Shuffle we have an internationally renown arts festival outside of Melbourne who is proud to present the WORLD PREMIER screening season of GLOBAL SHUFFLE.

Daily Screenings for a month from today 19 July – 21 August 2011, FREE ENTRY.

Melbourne arts and culture lovers wish to thank FILE-Documenta in Brazil for including us in their program.



DOCUMENTA -“raros e novos”

O FILE Documenta, em sua 6ª edição, oferece ao público documentários "raros e novos", com o objetivo de trazer à discussão vários diálogos entre as ações culturais / sociais, comunicação, música, arte e tecnologias contemporâneas.


The 12th edition of FILE – Electronic Language International Festival happens in São Paulo, between July 19 and August 21, 2011, at the FIESP Cultural Center - Ruth Cardoso. In the program: immersive and interactive installations, tablets, animations, games, machinimas, besides works of web art, video, documentary, music clips and sound experiments.

Thankyou FILE for leading the world into 21 century arts and culture. We are proud and honored to be in your festival.


Festival: FILE (Electronic Language International Festival) Documenta. Brazil.

Venue: FIESP Cultural Centre - Ruth Cardoso Av. Paulista. SP Brazil.

Dates: 18 Jul-21 Aug 2011

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Indorockers fake Jakarta Global Shuffle meetup July 2011

Please be advised the Indorockers forum has posted details of a FAKE GLOBAL SHUFFLE MEETUP

MSO and Global Shuffle have nothing to do with this forum, they have not asked us for permission, they have no contract with us,  we don’t know who they are, they are trying to con shufflers in Jakarta by using our name.

We DO NOT trust these people and advise ALL shufflers to stay away from them because they are fakes.