Friday, November 2, 2007

Shufflers Fight Back at Ban

Great news posted by Sydney Shuffler Marc Losper on Melbourne Shuffle Oldskool about dropkick promoter Tim Sabre of Raw Entertainment's stupid suggestion to ban the Melbourne Shuffle.

Seems Tim Sabre has underestimated the mighty shufflers and backed down, pulled his head in and also announced he's a former break dancer.

Sounds like Tim Sabre and Raw Entertainment are trying to set Melbourne Shufflers and break dancers against each other, but he probably doesn't realise that most of the Melbourne Shuffle creators were break dancers!!!

Shufflers don't have a problem with break dance, it's not as though you're only allowed to dance just one style! Geez, it's all dance, just personal preference, we call that FREEDOM !!

But Tim Sabre and Raw Entertainment are acting like dance nazi's. The sooner they leave the dance scene and are forgotten, all dance will be the better off for it.'s how things unfolded.


Hey mate,

ninemsn published a follow up to this article...

I'm quoted as a shuffler from Sydney in it and basically shoots the whole ban thing dead.

Tim Sabre also posted a bulletin saying that it was a joke taken out of context and blamed the media. Once he was attacked there, seemingly the bulletin disappeared and he has just gone back to promoting his nights.

Fairly ridiculous action, but as long as we're around, the shuffle's not going anywhere :)

Great website.
Marc Losper


The Nine News story...

Nightclub 'shufflers' fight back

Wednesday Oct 31 14:00 AEDT

By Matthew Bachl ninemsn

A plan to ban a popular dance move from nightclubs has been branded as ridiculous by club managers and party goers.

The high-octane steps of the "Melbourne shuffle" came under fire recently when Sydney promoter Tim Sabre declared war on the move, saying young, drunk shufflers were endangering fellow clubbers.


But his idea to outlaw the step — an upbeat mix of gliding and heel-to-toe rhythm performed with jackhammer like precision — has been savaged by club managers and shuffle lovers.

"I think that is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard in my life," said Manuel Ayas, general manger of Sydney's Home nightclub.

"I mean, freedom of speech … freedom of dance.

"If some people want to dance in this style, then go ahead."

Marc Losper, a 26-year-old shuffler, said the ban would be difficult to implement.

"The idea of somebody making some kind of grandiose gesture to put an end to a dance style is ludicrous," Mr Losper said.

"To try to pin this on one particular dance style makes this seem as if the person behind it has a particular dislike of the style and wants a reason to go after it."

But Mr Sabre, director of Raw Entertainment, has defended his stance, saying he will continue to push for "dance floor courtesy".

"You don’t go to a packed out nightclub and do the samba or the tango or the lambada — you have to mind what is happening at the actual club or event," he said.

"Shufflers aren't doing this."

Since ninemsn broke the story earlier this month, Mr Sabre said people had challenged him to "shuffle-offs" and threatened to perform the steps at his events.

And despite confessing to not being able to do the shuffle, Mr Sabre admitted he did have one style he favoured.

"I used to be a break dancer, for about three to four years," he said.

"I'd always pull out the cardboard boxes and break dance."


Round 2 to the Shufflers !!!

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