Saturday, November 17, 2007

Pasir Gudang - Shuffle Festival & Competition - Malaysia

Over 40 teams and 40 solo shufflers competed at the recent Shuffle Festival and Competition in Pasir Gudang (Malaysia) last week (10 November 2007).

Malaysian Shufflers have really got a good thing going here. I know plenty of Shufflers around the world, would just love to have any event like this, let alone so many in it.

  • Event organiser's, please let us know when your events are on, we would be happy to promote them for you on Melbourne Shuffle Oldskool. Email details to Garry Shepherd

And the Winners are...


1st Runner-up : JB Rocka
2nd Runner-up : Hard Kid

Congratulations to all of you !!!

And to the other contestants, Good on You, and how about posting your vids online too, we want to see who you are as well :)

So here's some great vids of the Shuffle Festival and Competition in Pasir Gudang 10 November 2007.


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Very well done again Shifter, you're certainly on a roll with these wins. Good to see 'everyone' from Shifter in the pic this time too ;) 

Shifter are showing some impressive synchronization skills now, the result of lots and lots of practice. The moving circle is great and the white gloves a nice touch. Winning performance all around. The Shufflers at this event are Noe, Dien, Izam, Kechik, Afiez, Abby, Saha & Faez

shifter hardstyle prodigy @ Pasir Gudang

And Shifter's latest shuffle vid, having a lot of fun with the effects. Not a bad music mix too.

shifter hardstyle prodigy(homemade hardstyle)



JB Rocka, good to see you in action.

JB Rocka@Pasir Gudang



And for the first time on Melbourne Shuffle Oldskool, Hardkid. Congratulations and Welcome. We hope to see lots more of you in the future.

HARDKID@pasir gudang~



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  1. shifter hardstyle prodigyNovember 17, 2007 at 6:01 PM

    hi garry,
    thanx you for yr posted our vid in yr blog!!
    nice to hear frm you..
    keep in touch mate..
    thanx again..