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Shuffle is 'immoral and indecent'

Dirty dancing 

By Larry Hart - Daily Gazette, Feb 1921

A veteran dancing master of St. Louis announced the closing of his dance hall to all public dances “until public tastes and manners improve.”

Professor F. Lester Caindenin declared that public dancing in the past several months had become more immoral and indecent than at any time in the last 30 years....

This was the Prohibition Era, the beginning of the Roaring Twenties, and though things would be getting a lot livelier in a few more years, the dancing master was already fed up.

One of his grievances was against the “toddle” or “shuffle” craze, which he said drove decent people off the dance floor. He also said the time had come when dance hall proprietors “must keep a guard at their door to watch “spooners” in automobiles at the curb.

“When young girls come to dances with their bodices cut as low and their skirts as high as possible, and the young men enter the ballroom with whiskey flasks on their hips and a pint or two under their belts, and when such dances as “toddle” and “shuffle” are tolerated, the result is something hard to picture in printable terms,” Caindenin said.


>> Naa that's cool Professor, we can picture it ;) Something like this :

Tasty - Commerce Club. Garry Shepherd 1994

So there ya go folks, 87 years later Shufflers are still driving 'decent people' off the dance floor :)

The lesson we have learned here is simple and quite nice to know :)

You can't stop Shufflers Shuffling!!

Go on...have a little shuffle, just for the Prof ;)




New Shifter Vid

Technology powered and empowered the oldskool. It was the dawn of the digital age, even the music was called Techno :)

We embraced technology as a welcomed friend

Today it's still the same. The past few years the Shuffle has seen the rise of a new genre of shuffling...Youtube.

While most are simple documentation's, the art of the VJ has found a new home too. We broadcast our early parties with our own TV Station. Nice if you've got the resources to do that ;) It gave VJ's the chance to seriously get down to creating video art works.

Today Youtube gives the Shuffle VJ the same opportunities as well as a global audience, instead of just Melbourne.

It's great to see the genre growing. Seeing how VJ's around the world are responding to the Shuffle in a creative way.

For example here's a great new clip from Shifter with a cinematic stylistic theme. Very very nice edit, I-Qal.  Well done indeed ;) Nice to see some shots of Malaysia too.

Check it out...


Friday, February 22, 2008

1st Kuching Melbourne Shufflers Meetup

Great to see Tribezone getting things organised, good on ya Alicia and crew.
1st Kuching's Melbourne Shufflers Meetup

After the whole 3 long years Melbourne Shuffling, it is time to unite Kuching's Shufflers since they are more than 100 shufflers around town and building up close relationships amongst shufflers is defnately gna bring the shuffling into a more positive side and the local music enthusiatic scene to a wider screen. 2 heads are always better than one.

So, here we are taking initiative to organize a meet up. It's similiar to blogger's meet up and there will be 30 minutes short shuffling session after the entire meetup sessions (which i may predict most of the people would come just for that) but please understand that the main purpose is to get to know each other and unite all as one not as an organisation but as Kuchignites.

When you post the videos in youtube, join a competition, do performances, attending Raves, meeting shufflers in other states or country, it actually represent every each one of us from Kuching. And fark yeah, it does matter! And so... we care and happy to share knowledge, experience and opinion.

On top of that, there's no entrance fee but you are required to buy a drink upon entry. The drink price are ranging from RM4.00 to RM10++. Non-alcoholic :P

Title : 1st Kuching's Melbourne Shufflers Meetup

Date : 1st March 2008 Time : 2pm - 5pm

Venue : 1st Floor Khatulistiwa Cafe

Dress Code : T-Shirt & Jean (On a Sunny Day, No Hoodies unless if it rains)

Entrance Fee : The entrance is free however, please bring enough cash for yourself at least for a drink or have your late lunch there to support the event venue itself so next time, we can organize more meet ups in the future!

Who To Attend : Every Melbourne Shuffle in town. (Whether you have a group or not, it doesn't matter. Everyone is invited)

Keep Melbourne Shuffle ALIVE and improve the local scene

1) Team or Group or Self (Freelance) introduction
2) Sharing ideas and Possible park shuffles and monthly meet up
3) Monthly Special Announcement (Competition or performances)
4) 30 minutes meet up shuffling sessions


Do’s Don’t
Bring Melbourne Shufflers Bring people that don’t shuffle
Group Banner or introduction material Sharp Object & Fighting
Ask related questions Drugs and Alcohol
Share your bright ideas I am better than you look and pattern
Cooperative Do Lame Jokes
Sporting Come and don’t order anything
Bring Personal Matter to the meet up
Think you are a noob so you can’t come
Treat the meet up as your dating location
SMOKE in the meet up (Go Outside don’t influence others)
Throw rubbish around and spit
Wonder to 2nd floor and other closed sections


Please register your group (group name & no of people attending) or yourself by calling or emailing the Shufflers

Below by 27th February 2008: -
Alicia (Tribezone)
Ah Pui (Shuffler R’ Us)
Wallace (Hazard Minors)

Thursday, February 21, 2008


So you've got a Shuffle team, or you're wanting to join a team? Just how do you run a team? You want to find out more about other teams around the world, where are their sites or when are their next events?

Well here's a new forum, just for you, it's Team Friendly, it's world wide, it's any language, we won't get upset if you're on other forums either, take it easy and spread it 'round.

It's for teams by teams, any style, any genre, any age, any ability, any country, any where ...I think you get the picture :)))


Here's some starter threads, please feel free to join, contribute or just check out the gossip in:


Starter threads:





Sunday, February 17, 2008

SHUFFLE! - Earliest known Shuffle Footage. Melbourne 1991


Well here it is, the earliest known classic Melbourne Shuffle footage to date. 31 August 1991, at the Sarah Sands Hotel in Melbourne.

Not the first Shuffler that we know of, rather the earliest video footage we know of. We'll try to stop a few arguments here before we get started ;)

  • UPDATE: A few people have commented that the top Aslan is wearing looks like a PHD top with the circle and PHD letters inside the circle. This, they claim proves the footage was shot only a few years ago. PHD is a small commercial club from Sydney that opened in Melbourne in 2002. It closed down due to poor crowd sizes and tried to restart a number of times. But it never really re-established itself after it's 2003/05 peak. Today it is best known for selling it's fluro PHD hoodie seen in Shuffle vids.

    However the PHD claim is nonsense, the top Aslan was wearing is a fluro PIL top using the PIL logo (pic left), which were quite common at the time in a range of merchandise styles and colors, even a PIL ring! and are still available today. PIL is Public Image Limited
    John (Johnny Rotten) Lydon's band after the Sex Pistols.

I shot this. It was a new night that opened and closed on that night. About 800 people turned up to the 3 level event, this footage is on the main dance floor.

It was an indie rock venue, and the pub owner lost money because nobody drank any beer. He complained 'Everybody's drinking water, I had to send home 6 bar staff."

The Sarah Sands was the sort of Hotel that had lunchtime strip shows in the front bar on the pool tables, with whipped cream.

People were just refilling water bottles in the washrooms. The pub owner even turned off the water to force people to buy beer and bottled water ! True

So here's the face of the Shuffler. I believe it's Aslan, a well known Shuffler in the two dozen or so hardcore shufflers during the Melbourne Shuffle's creation. Any oldskoolers who can verify it's Aslan, your comments are welcomed :)

I've got about 8 mins of raw camera footage so you can hear the music and try to get a feel of a very early rave done Melbourne Style.

This is how the Shuffle in all it's forms spread. Individual dancers in a crowd shuffling. The style that's commonly known today we generally call the 'classic' Shuffle. But there were as many variations as there were Shufflers. You mixed up the styles to suit your mood thru the night.

This footage is at 3am after a few hours of live acts on stage. So it's the wind down set and the crowd has thinned out, making space for the Shuffle Brigade to slink their way across the dance floor.

The little old lady is from the CWA (Country Womens Association) selling lollies (candy) to the Shufflers at 3am. She regularly came to raise charity money for the CWA. 'I know the young people like to eat them at this hour of the night' she told me, she was right ;) Munchee time home delivered ! She sold out in about 30 minutes.

Got some really nice dance footage of two other well known Shufflers. (Pic Below) The young lady, I remember well, but have forgotten her name, starts with an S, I think. She was involved in the fashion industry and regularly flew between New York and Melbourne for a fashion magazine ?

The guy on the right is old friend Paul Gaffney / DJ Krusty / Eugene. Paul had a great pink Buick (very big heavy car) which I helped push start on many a morning after a party. It was always getting a flat battery :)

Krusty's long been involved with Green Ant and Rainbow Serpent parties.


NB: Earliest known Melbourne Shuffle footage can now be seen in the GLOBAL SHUFFLE movie.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

The 1st Shuffle music vid?

A few days ago there was posted what appears to be the first commercial music video mentioning the Melbourne Shuffle.

  • A pronunciation note for the rapper, we pronounce it Mel-BEN not Mel-bourne :) Yeah we know that's the way it's spelt, but we do everything different in Melbourne ;)

Not a bad effort anyways. It would be great to know who the music was recorded by, who the rapper was, and who the dancers are - credits please :) Anyone know ?

The Vid. A note to the video makers for future reference, we can't see the feet, dark pants on dark background - not good. That's the point of a shuffle vid. You got the tops okay, faces etc, but without the feet, you're going nowheres :)

Which is why we invented these things called 'Phats' (pic left) when we invented the Shuffle back in the early 1990's

So you can see the legs move in a dark environment. That's more important to Shufflers than seeing someone's face. But that's cool can't know everything at once ;) This is Cript Ballas wearing great phats in the pic above.

The Music. Shuffle music traditionally does not have rap,  we have a SHUT UP AND SHUFFLE ethic, but it kinda works in this commercial hardstyle form. And they got it right, there is no limit to the music styles you can shuffle to. As the rapper says "hiphop, r+b, mix it up...Melbourne Shuffle"

The Conclusion. It's nice to see our shuffle friends in the Netherlands grabbing the bull by the horns and getting off on the Shuffle!!!

  • "It's Called the Melbourne Shuffle, Get wid it, or Get Knocked over..."

Well done guys and gals, Welcome to the Melbourne Shuffle...more please! ;)

Melbourne Shufflers - The Shuffle.


Update: Just found the info on a Dutch TV show clip (translated) - er Not too sure about the accuracy of the homophobe translation, I think someone's over compensating ;)

Melbourne Shufflers @ Jensen

Melbourne Shufflers @ Jensen - demonstrating the shuffle


Pim one of the Shufflers actually unnecessarily apologised for the vid, but respect for him doing it. It was posted on the MelbShuffle forum

>>>>>> 0 <<<<<<

This is Pim from The Melbourne Shufflers(with the blocked hat), I just saw your vid and I totally agree, and you have to understand that we do not think we are the best or pro's or stuff.

It's just that Jensen vid, we got thrown on National TV, we weren't happy about that either, we were just practicing the MBS and suddenly we got put up on TV.

I'll explain : Shuffle is done for years in Rotterdam, Holland, that is where we are from, the MBS is here for like a few months, because we were regular shufflers, we got a contract for dancing and an act, so we had to practice and stuff, a lot of media attention came to early and I wasn't happy about it either, because we had to show it in a good way, which we weren't capable off.

Even I learned from your vids also, and I still watch them every day to practice more and more.

Our vid the shuffle is a videoclip and you have to understand that we werent happy about it either how it was edited and stuff, there were much and much better parts of us shufflin but it was not in the vid, we were dissapointed of it, we did not got to tell anything about it.

Me and my teammates are going to make a new vid this week (just a normal vid ) and I was also telling them every day to practice and practice so that we can get some level, becuz how you shuffle over there is like mad, here we will never get that kind of good shufflers sadly.

I'm also dissapointed on all the reactions and edited movies on Youtube(although a lot of them are right), I can understand some of them, but the hate is driven like mad. And no we are not doing this for the money or fame or shit, we just really like shuffling, and we are not pro's or the best, we just like to dance. We didnt even got payed for anything we did ?

I hope someday we can set this straight and u will see we are not that harmful, were just party people over here in Holland that want to kick ass on Hardstyle!

So herefore my apologies, we would rather be helped from you and all the other pro shufflers then burned down.
Greetings, Pim


>>>>>> 0 <<<<<<


Thanks Pim, no apologies needed, ignore the haters, we all do. BTW 'Off Corso' in Rotterdam featured a retrospective of my video art in 2002, screening all the oldskool shuffle vids from the early 1990's, as part of the Rotterdam Film Festival.

You have NOTHING to apologise for, party people in Holland have been doing it right for a long time, respect.


>>>>>> 0 <<<<<<

UPDATE 13 March 2008

I can't believe the fury of comments about these guys (and gal :) ) online, still happening.

A lot of people yelling 'it's not the shuffle' ?? :)

Obviously noobs who are certainly not oldskoolers, or have seen the Shuffle footage I posted in the PHATS! article, from shuffle meet ups in 1995 and the first Kryal castle party in 1995, with lots of people doing these exact same moves.

Anyone who says it's not Shuffling doesn't know what they're talking about :)

Of course it's the Shuffle, I've shown it to lots of oldskoolers and they love it!

It's also inspired local Melbourne oldskoolers to write new tracks and make professional Shuffle vids, even ME! - I'll let you know when it's done.

One respected oldskooler friend in Melbourne even said he had to get up and bust a few moves along with it. Had a smile on his face from ear to ear!

We know what they're doing, we don't expect someone who's been Shuffling for 6 months to Shuffle like an oldskooler who's been doing it for 15 years lol, that's just nuts.

So to the Melbourne Shufflers, from the oldskoolers from Melbourne... FANTASTIC !!! Good on ya, and do some more!

I think it's just envy ;) with the haters. They wanted to be the first with a Shuffle anthem and crack the mainstream market with a vid.

Simple solution to that as we say in Melbourne...SHUT UP AND SHUFFLE!! :)

Just get off your arse, stop being such a cry baby and DO IT!

Well done you Melbourne Shufflers, you just got on with it and did it! ...that's the spirit of the Melbourne Oldskool, *two thumbs up*



Melbshuffle Tournament 2008

News from our friend Jack_40K of Melbshuffle forum about their Shuffle comp this year...

...If you want details/to enter for the tournament here are the links to the different sections:

Beginners Tournament:
Intermediate Tournament:
Advanced Tournament:


*Edit* I have decided not to give cash prizes out of concern that people will simply get their friends etc... to vote for them. The prize will instead be that the winners will receive the title "tournament winner". There may be other prizes but these are not yet decided.

I will post voting rules and regulations closer to the beginning of the tournament.

Good luck to all participating.

UPDATE: 18 feb 2008

Apparently this Tournament has now been cancelled by Jacl 40k.

But don't forget  GLOBAL SHUFFLE  17 May 2008

Broadcast Art


These images are from my first live TV broadcast of video art, called 'IT' , in Melbourne 1991. I'd been doing video art for a number of years before, usually multi screen arrays and only in art galleries etc.

Many of these images and lots more behind the scenes footage can be seen in the Global Shuffle 1 feature documentary.

Melbourne had a hardcore experimental electronic arts community in the oldskool era, who were pioneers of media art. We would broadcast these events live on free-to-air television across Melbourne, for years.

Visiting DJ's from London, such as Adrian Age, would take video tape copies of our broadcasts back with them to play in underground clubs and raves throughout the UK and Europe, often within weeks of their first broadcast in Melbourne. Pic below Adrian Age in 1992 in the TVU warehouse.

Screening videos of cult movies etc was not uncommon at oldskool raves. But doing a live mix with hoards of computers and video effects units, and mixing them live to a DJ set in time with the music, let alone broadcasting them live on TV, was unheard of in the international rave scene, apart from Melbourne. - We're not just good dancers :)

Generally we'd dedicate an entire room of the warehouse to live VJing and media art such as these pics below in the TVU warehouse - that's me with the shaman mask on.

We used a combination of analog and digital equipment. 'Digital' in vision terms, had only just begun. AMIGA was the computer we favored for image and animation production, because of it's superior graphics chips. A fully pumped AMIGA was just 2 meg - yep, count them, 2 :) We'd daisy chain a dozen or so of them together, then feed them through the Fairlight - more about that process below.

>>>>> 0 <<<<<


The door opened, ‘Hi I’m Elvis’ he said, I’m sure you are, I thought. ‘ And this is Captain Rom’ Elvis continued. Of course it is. Who else would it be?

I entered with my box of video tapes and sat before a TV screen. The phone rang. Elvis asked me to take the call, he was busy repatching equipment in the rack. ‘What do I win?’ asked the caller. ‘Er, well hello to you too’ I said looking puzzled at Elvis who pointed to text crawling along the bottom of the TV screen.

  • Crawling is a technical term by the way. It’s when text moves in a line horizontally across a screen. Scroll/roll, the more familiar term, is when text lines move vertically on a screen, like credits of a movie, the usual phrase being 'Roll the credits'.

‘IT said to ring’ said the caller getting a little agitated. IT?... Oh the TV! The crawling text said, ‘If you can see this ring ....(Phone Number).....’ . ‘So what do I win’ he pushed again. Suddenly I spotted a clipboard in front of the TV. Ahhh, a questionnaire. ‘We just want to know what the reception’s like where you are…’ I said in my best telephone voice. It was after all, midnight on a Friday and I was settling in for an all nighter. ‘ I don’t win anything?’ grumbled the caller. ‘ But IT said to ring!!!’

'Where are you?' I asked ‘ Glen Waverley he said. Elvis had come over and saw me writing the suburb. Are you sure it’s Glen Waverley, he said to me. We’re not broadcasting out that way, he shouldn’t be able to get anything. But he was and he wanted a prize.

But a prize was the least of Elvis’s problems at that moment. It turned out Captain Rom, a rather large cyber-hippy with long grey hair and beard, wearing an overstated tie-dyed top and (un) matching tie-dyed baggy pants with a Peace symbol necklace which bounced off his belly when he walked, had ‘repatched’ some of the equipment. A very serious no-no for anything with wires, unless you have a note from God, and then the answer is still NO.

The whole TV studio had collapsed (another technical term - similar to ‘crashed’ with computers).

  • When using analog equipment, as we were this night in Dec 1991, everything has to be synced (synchronised) so you don’t get that rolling (Technical term) bar or line going up and down on your TV. We had digital stuff too, but analog was the main system. Everything has to not only link together, but phase together, very new age, and repatching immediately upsets this yin yang balance with the touchy little electrons and positrons as they buzz around the equipment. We’re talking primal energy forces here, truly the voice of the universe.

So Captain Rom decided he could do better. Well he was now sitting on cushions in the main studio in a lotus position ‘waiting’ for us to get our ‘shit together’ so he could begin 7 hrs of cyber meditation, where, along with random synthesiser sequences he would chant and at times, recite the recipe for LSD, live to air.

I was to be on camera and vision mixer for the session, then do a solo 4hr live to air ‘mix and mutate’ session from 7 am till 11am, with my little box of tricks and some of my music. However, I had planned to use the ‘Fairlight’ (A God of hi tech toys - still) extensively, but it was now broken, ‘Can’t even get color bars up’ said Captain Rom. (Color Bars are like a test pattern)

  • Captain Rom claimed to of invented the primary sound design chip for the Roland JX-3P synthesiser and sold it to Roland, but refused to take money from them, only shares and a box full of electronic bit’s and pieces. I dunno, could be true. The JX-3P was a good synth in its day. Some (still) great fat string and brass sounds. I had two which I used on the road, they took a lot of punishment (Another technical term for rough handling by roadies). One roadie dropped mine one day, out of the roadcase, from his shoulder and from off the back of the truck. That’s about 3 metres. Apart from a dented corner, it fixed an annoying hum we couldn’t track down and sounded great for years after.

  • I've just recently heard from Neale Morison who worked for Fairlight in the 1980's and he knew Captain Rom. Here's what he told me... I just happened to meet someone who remembered Captain ROM from the Fairlight days of the 1980s, so I googled the Captain and your It page appeared. It sounds like the gentleman I knew. I seem to recall he made some elaborate pitch to the co-founders of Fairlight, Kim Ryrie and Peter Vogel, and they gave him the opportunity to work on what he had in mind. Captain ROM was by no means the weirdest person I met at Fairlight, nor even the most fancifully named. There was a guy called Mars Laser and another called Kia Silverbrook. Kia, after surviving his plan to become a fruitarian, became a star innovator with Canon and later with his own IP company. I don't know what happened to Mars. He may have just Gone Home...

  • Neale has some great behind the scenes stories on the making of the Fairlight, Melbourne Shuffle Oldskool will be featuring the technology used in the oldskool days in "Melbourne Shuffle the Beginnings 2" coming soon. In the mean time check out Neale's page.

The whole TV studio and system was working fine before Capt Rom ‘improved’ it, and ‘it’ had taken all day to set up for this weekend long marathon of electronic music and senseless flashing color. Let alone the months of hustling by RMIT Uni staff and students to get a test broadcast licence in the first place. But all that was done now.

It was just after midnight and we had begun our 48hr cyberthon. Various electronic musicians, video artists, DJ’s and moral supporters, would come through those doors for the rest of the weekend, and experience the smell of split ‘bong water’ (‘Bong’-Dope water pipe) and cheap incense in the small TV studio, hidden somewhere in the RMIT Swanston St buildings in Melbourne. The phone rang, an odd voice began with 'fucking well done guys, it looks great’ It was Steve, he was with friends ‘out there’ in the night who planned to watch and party for the entire 48hr broadcast.

  • Steve Middleton and ‘Til, were the main technology and skills providers for the broadcast, better known as ‘Don’t Shoot The Messenger’

After a bit of nob twiddling and ‘How is it now ?’ comments over the phone, Elvis sighed in relief. ‘Well that’s as good as it’s going to get. I’ll be asleep on the couch out in the corridor’. Wake me only if there’s a fire, A big fire!’ He’d been going all day.

Suddenly I was alone.
Just me, the cyber hippy and IT!!

7 hrs and no sleep later, I did my first live TV broadcast.


>>>>> O <<<<<

Dedicated to the Memory of Capt Rom - Media Artist, technician and creative urban legend who passed away 1993.

Here's to you ol' buddy, you'll long be remembered with a welcomed smile.

>>>>> O <<<<<

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

There's a new Shuffle forum online in Denmark, in Danish language.

It's a busy looking forum - sign in only, to view.

Welcome to the Melbourne Shuffle Denmark!


Thursday, February 7, 2008

Happy Lunar New Year

Happy Lunar New Year !

Year 4706 by the Chinese calendar I believe.

>>>>>> Only 99 days until the Global Shuffle !!!


So have you started planning where you'll be 17 May 2008 so you can join other shufflers from around the world to celebrate our great dance ?

It could be like bcln shuffling on the Great Wall of China


Or Rams rocking out on the tram line. Done straight after a meal at Sofias Restaurant, Melbourne


Or like DjinSten in Germany who thought the 'Weather was nice. so i decided to shuffle on my terrace."

Nice Weather German Shuffle Hardstyle Practise

And when it not nice weather outside, in a cartoon  - DjinSten again - because he had the time, he says :).

2 Guys Shuffling, in on a nice meadow, where the sun laughs!


Or like moe916z A Moe - Melbourne Shuffler at Niagara Falls. Moe's a great country town about 2 hours from Melbourne

melbourne shuffle @ niagara falls


Or DjTranny on a New Zealand glacier - now your talking slip.


or like this great little vid by AzoraNHK on a trip to Singapore

sHF singapore shuffle trip!

It can be anywhere, let the world see your favourite shuffle spot in the Global Shuffle

Monday, February 4, 2008

There's a new Shuffle site online in France. It's all in French language and is a great looking site. Welcome to the Melbourne Shuffle guys, glad you could join us.

Here's a tweaked google translation of the home page:


Welcome to the only French Melbourne Shuffle site!  Because it is time that everyone knows that there is not only the Tecktonik (TCK), as most of the info on this subject is in English, and then you'll learn to dance and discover the future Dance phenomenon in France!

The Melbourne Shuffle is a dance born in late 80's in Australia, in the underground scene of Melbourne, the 2nd largest city of the island continent.

The Melbourne Shuffle has experienced a growing success especially in the late 90's, it crossed continents to get to Europe and elsewhere already know this dance with success in Germany especially.

The original music was appropriate Jazz / Acid / House, and then gradually the Trance Music and finally today HardStyle and the Electro.  The HardStyle is already well known to a lot of people, this is the music of choice for the JumpStyle (dance popular in Holland, Belgium, northern France), music is also used for the tecktonik.

Beware, the Melbshuffle is not a variant of this famous dance TCK. It is a full-fledged style that has not been created for commercial purposes. Do not mix the two, you kill shufflers for less than that ;-)


Good on you France.

Do you know of a Shuffle site in a language other than English? Please let MSO know, so we can post their details.

Friday, February 1, 2008

SHUFFLE - introduction

It is significant that no single person has been identified as the creator of the Melbourne Shuffle. While it is commonly danced by individuals, it has always been a communal experience. A group of people moving.

Part of the Shuffle ethos is, that it is freely owned by everybody, everyone can contribute and everybody is welcomed. How does such an ideal work?

No one can even be sure when it started. It just seemed to be. Like a touchstone, everybody just knew about it. Like something primal, something that has always been. 'It' called, they came.

What is it about an isolated coastal village on the edge of the planet (next stop South Pole), that gave birth to such a mysterious creature? Why do so many relate to this dance and call it their own? Why does it cross international, religious and cultural boundaries with ease?

It's always fresh, always personal, and is always passionate! It adapts to it's surroundings, to each generation, growing and changing...

Find tutorials from beginners to advanced, history, shuffle practice music and lots more from the side bar menus