Monday, February 25, 2008

New Shifter Vid

Technology powered and empowered the oldskool. It was the dawn of the digital age, even the music was called Techno :)

We embraced technology as a welcomed friend

Today it's still the same. The past few years the Shuffle has seen the rise of a new genre of shuffling...Youtube.

While most are simple documentation's, the art of the VJ has found a new home too. We broadcast our early parties with our own TV Station. Nice if you've got the resources to do that ;) It gave VJ's the chance to seriously get down to creating video art works.

Today Youtube gives the Shuffle VJ the same opportunities as well as a global audience, instead of just Melbourne.

It's great to see the genre growing. Seeing how VJ's around the world are responding to the Shuffle in a creative way.

For example here's a great new clip from Shifter with a cinematic stylistic theme. Very very nice edit, I-Qal.  Well done indeed ;) Nice to see some shots of Malaysia too.

Check it out...


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