Friday, February 6, 2009

Body Building Shuffle Moves

In Advanced Shuffle Footwork I mention the choreography of Feet Of Flames - Warrior using body building poses as dance moves. The moves are examples of iconic images or gestures which you can use in your shuffle routine to convey meaning in your shuffling.

This can become part of your shuffle vocabulary ( 1 move = 1 word ). How you present that move is called the context. The context in shuffling is the moves before and after the iconic image or gesture. They convey whether you are taking the move in a serious or fun way.

To reverse this for the shuffler, here is a great vid of a bodybuilding contest. This guy uses the standard body building poses, and then expands his pose vocabulary with dance moves.

The person who posted the vid thinks it's a joke, but he's actually very good.

Dance by Bodybuilder


See the similar poses used in Feet Of Flames.

Feet Of Flames - Warriors

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