Friday, October 10, 2008

Pillars Of Creation

Pillars Of Creation, wow, ya gotta be confident to name something that. But here it is as seen on the Hubble telescope. Those bright dots are where suns are born. This is the real photograph, not a computer graf. Pretty amazing huh?

Checkout the Dragonhead Nebula (my name)

This looks just amazing...

Starry Night

I've seen lasers do this at dance parties, but this is the real thing. The Hourglass Nebula

This is the famous Trifid Nebula. Day of The Triffids, was a brilliant 60's sci-fi movie. The plants uproot themselves and start killing off humans - but we win of course. This is the actual place the spores were said to have come from on a comet, in the book/movie.

And this is what happens When Stars Die, they let everybody know about it. A red giant explodes and the white dwarf is formed in the centre.

You can find more of these brilliant pics of our galactic neighbours at >>>




Be sure to let us know if you spot any shufflers out there too ;)

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