Sunday, January 9, 2011



MSO would like to introduce our newest forum moderator, mso//wonderwoman

We took up her offer...I'll be your wonderwoman, your superstar, anytime you want a hero, I won't be too far... to patrol the mso forum keeping out the nasties, and to balance out our moderator ranks a bit - mso//Judge Dredd,  mso//daleks,  mso//robocop1

So please enjoy the totally hot Dorit version of wonderwoman, who sings with seductive authority, plays the hottest guitar I've heard in years and can teach everyone on MSO something about fluidity in dance, in a great little NYC production by Liquid Metal Media.

Try shuffling to the track as well. If it feels like your body is moving like a fluid or is made of neoprene, then you've discovered what in rock and roots dance music circles we call a 'shuffle rhythm ' with a funk twist.

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