Thursday, January 20, 2011

NAM: The Rockfathers of Melbourne Shuffle

To launch our new special events section MSO Arena is proud to present a special Global Shuffle preview, of NAM, the undisputed Rockfathers of Melbourne Shuffle

EVENT TIME: 22 January 2011. Midday Melbourne GMT+11

EVENT DURATION: 48 hours only

Youtube clip will appear >> here


NAM started around 1993 and performed live at the launch of TOE-Theory Of Everything, my underground TV show. It’s an honor to have them now launch MSO Arena.

Combining metal, shuffling and rap, NAM will change your idea of shuffling forever. NAM toured all over Australia to packed fully pumped venues for years.

NAM//BC started dance at age 9, won 2 Australian dance titles, trained in classical ballet for 7 years and will teach new shufflers what it means to 'Rock' in shuffle terms.

This clip shot live at the Espy Hotel in Melbourne which is a rock venue institution going back to the 1970's. This atmosphere was what 'pub rock' (as we call it in Melbourne) is all about. RAW ENERGY LIVE.

This was the environment that I learnt how to play live in 1970's touring around Australia. I spent much of my teens playing professionally in exactly this sort of environment, which is one of the reasons I shot it, because at the time the Espy was only one of a handful of pubs left playing real rock (not corporate rock) in Australia.

When you face 800 tanked up punters in a rock venue, you have to perform successfully immediately, or else you get well and truly booed off stage before your second number is finished... You learn quick.

Unfortunately the Espy got yuppyfied and they don't do this stuff anymore, and the famous band room walls have been painted over. But it's still a nice place

I hope you enjoy the clip. You have never seen any shuffling like this unless you were there at the time.

Perhaps it's time it came back



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