Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Shuffle Battle Rules

MSO is setting up a new Shuffle Battle (Competitive Shuffling)section on the MSO forum. http://mso1.cultureforum.net/t800-shuffle-battle-rules#3756

This Battle section of the forum is exclusively for those who like to Battle or are interested in Shuffle Battling.

It will have formal Battle competitions with prizes, and casual comps for fun. There will be lots of different levels for ability, styles, solo, crews, teams, music etc.

For general discussion about Shuffle Battling see: http://mso1.cultureforum.net/t797-battling


If you are interested in battling and want to join in, please register yourself on the MSO BATTLE READY REGISTER

UPDATE: 5 January 2010

We have our very first registered battle online now. The battle and voting, will end February 04, 2011






If you like shuffle battles Please comment


Firstly, What rules or sorts of rules for battle tasks do you think we should include?

For instance lets set a basic shuffle routine involving say running man/stomp, shuffle and spin to qualify for a mid level comp. Beginners would be open to any moves they can do.

We can set up lots of different threads for different styles, music, tempo, costume, solo, teams crews etc

So tell us what you want...


WARNING If you do not approve of or like Battles (Competitive Shuffling) , then PLEASE DO NOT POST your complaints there, we will delete them immediately and you will be banned from MSO for 90 days for abuse. - Not Kidding

If you want to whinge about Battles please go somewhere people will listen to you, like melbshuffle.com. http://www.melbshuffle.com/

Tell Jack, Garry sent you, and bitch about battles, crews and teens to your hearts content and respect that shuffle culture promotes diversity. At MSO we’re battling and we’re gonna have fun doing it.

Melbshuffle members are welcome on the MSO forum, but you must remember that this is an advanced shuffle forum for pro shufflers, not a noob one like Jacks, and you are expected to do your oldskool homework before making any post.

Ignorance is no excuse

 Melbshuffle members Please Read before posting 



  1. haha bravo garry for telling it like it is, melbshuffle.com is a cannibalistic community of people who hate each other

  2. I totally agree mlmoyle. I have been shocked and disgusted at the sadistic abuse of teens and beginners, that jack_40k and his racist moderators have forced on the shuffle community. It is not shuffling, it is bastardry and I encourage the shuffle community to disown them

  3. Readers please do not be fooled, just because melbshuffle.com admin has permanant links to my shuffle history posts, does not mean I gave them permission or approve of them, I have nothing to do with them, and disown them. They are not shufflers, they are just using shuffling as an excuse for their abuse.