Thursday, December 13, 2007

Jump Is Dead - Go Shuffle

Jump Style is dead, time for the Melbourne Shuffle, so Cyril Rosman wrote a few days ago (8 December 2007) in the Dutch online magazine BN DeStem .

I'm sure his comments will be debated with some considerable passion amongst our Dutch and Belgian friends on a forum or two :)

Most shufflers aren't too interested in being compared with other dance styles, as in one being better or worse than the other, especially jump style. I've seen a number of shufflers break into jump, when they've felt the need.

But these comparisons inevitably get made anyhow. All part of the broader dance scene.

  • That said, it's nice the story wasn't: Shuffle's Dead - Go Jump !! (whew) ;))

I would like to thank Cyril Rosman and BN DeStern for mentioning the Global Shuffle in the article too, and linking to Melbourne Shuffle Oldskool.

Here's a very rough google translation of the article, below... I'd recognise those Shuffle feet in the story graphic anywhere too, good on ya BigMilan ;)


Saturday, December 8, 2007-Breda At a time when the conservative old men Elsevier there was about writing, it became a lot less fun. And when he won a jump - Piet came and eight children went with it to the hype, it was for the jumpstyle fans of the first hour really beyond: jump is dead!

After gabber killed another dance craze on the cliffs of commerce. Time therefore for the emergence of a new underground dance style.

John Pertijs, owner of feesttempel Zalinaz in Etten-Leur, it is still a little cautious: "Jump is a bit on his return. If small children will find fun, it is a bit on for the rest. Gabber - Piet was bad for the gabber, now there Jump - Piet, then the underground it is not fun anymore. " In Zalinaz are still jumpfeesten. "But the celebrations are more popular Lipstick: eclectic house. Hardstyle still popular."

In Breda has a new dance of championing: shuffle. It would be just the new thing in town can be. Al hopes Bredanaar Maurice (14) there really is not. "It isjuist fun because there are few people who do it. Now is the particular and people are still looking for: what does that guy now?"

Maurice 'discovered' shuffle along with a friend via youtube. "We thought it was fun and go practice. We are now a little below the knee, although we are still not very good, hear. But I think we are still the only two schools who can and do. Another fun thing because you are good you can lose energy when you are at a party. "

Shuffle is totally different than jumping. By shuffle is precisely the intention that your feet as much as possible on the ground. Flitsend footwork is the most important. You can back and forth shuffelen, but only in the same area.

Shuffle is not really new. It originated in the early nineties - underground house scene of Melbourne (Australia) and is therefore also known as the Melbourne Shuffle. According to Belgian bloggers zoemt dance already a year go through that country. In the USA, in the New York Annual Dance Parade of May 17 next year even a separate area reserved for the Shufflers: Global Shuffle.

In the Netherlands, the shuffle already known for a while, but not doorgebroken. Already there appear more and more Dutch people with their own movie on youtube.


So there ya go, the Melbourne Shuffle is known, 'but not doorgebroken'

Would one of our Dutch or Belgian readers like to translate 'doorgebroken' for us. I have no idea what it means, neither did google :) Just post in the comments, that would be great, thanx


  1. doorgebroken means gone trough

  2. doorgebroken means gone trough

  3. Thanx for that Kidsfile. I figure it's like 'break through'

    So while the shuffle is known, it has not 'broken through' yet, like jump style has.

    Makes sense now, thanx