Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Melbourne Shuffle in World Of Warcraft 2

Here's the second vid from Shuffler gorakaraz1 otherwise known as Jonas Agersø from Denmark.

Good to see the new improved version. Bit of (MC) Hammer slide in there as well.

And I agree with many comments in forums such as on , Yes there has got to be a rave in World of Warcraft !!

In fact Melbourne Shuffle Oldskool is organising one for May 17 2008 for the Global Shuffle. So start practicing and stay tooned for more info.

It'd be great I reckon, if the dance programing for characters was open for developers too. Get some serious shuffle avatars happening.

Like for instance instead of hat-tricks with your cap, there could be 'head-tricks, where you could spin your head around or lift it off and juggle it while shuffling :)

And there'd have to be some sort of flying shuffle, do it on a dragons back or something. Have one with your feet on fire...

Any WoW's who can offer more info about doing parties and developing characters? Please very much, get in touch!!

Garry Shepherd


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Melbourne Shuffle in World of Warcraft 2

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