Tuesday, June 16, 2009

1st Russian Melbourne Shuffle League. 2008-09

Russian shuffle crew 4MR//For Mother Russia have set up the first Russian Melbourne Shuffle League (RMSL), in fact it's the worlds first Shuffle league too.

MSO supports the League and the winner/s will be appearing with 4MR on the GLOBAL SHUFFLE dvd.

Here's a compilation vid of some of the great shufflers in the league. Fantastic to see so many girls in the league too.

Lots of great shuffling all around, with some very distinctive styles. Check out Emilio's unbelievably amazing spin 2:04. I had to replay it a few times to make sure it wasn't faked !  What training did you do ? Very well done Emilio.

There's a couple of other mighty fine spins in there too. Check it out...leave a comment.

Russian language RMSL site:

First Russian Melbourne Shuffle League - Highlights '08 - '09

Friday, June 12, 2009

Dutch Shufflers / Dance Max

Millie and Pim from DANCE MAX in the Netherlands, form the Dutch Shufflers crew. They're both well known regulars on MSO and we have enjoyed their shuffling vids for ages.

Their latest vid shows us they just keep getting better. Great sound track too. Well done guys. Check it out.

Dutch Shufflers will also be featured on the MSO shuffle documentary Global Shuffle.

Dutch Shufflers rockin' - Pim & Millie 2009

Hazard Minors. Singapore 2009


Apart from having a great crew name, Hazard Minors from Singapore have got some great shuffling too.

Checkout Ah Do the leader of Hazard Minors and other members in their new 2009 compilation.

You can chat with Ah Do on the MSO Forum.


Hazard Minors [ HM ] Singapore 2009 compilation

Hazard Minors [SG] Ah Do *PART 2*-alone in the dark