Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Shuffle WINS

Global Shuffle declared a SUCCESS.

About 6 months ago a club promoter in Sydney Australia announced a campaign to ban the Melbourne Shuffle, which lead to the Global Shuffle being created. We set the deadline of 17 May 2008 as a challenge to this dance nazi, to go ahead, just try stop the Shuffle.

Why did he want to ban the Melbourne Shuffle ? Because he hated it, and hated Shufflers.

A bigoted hate campaign then started, trying to topple the Global Shuffle, with nasty and insulting hate posts and vids directed at any new or young shuffler to try and stop them from Shuffling. The dance nazi's were too afraid of oldskoolers and MSO, to attack us directly ;)

The abuse targeted under 18 year olds, saying what they did was not cool, but if they did it in a Melbourne or Sydney night club, where the entry age is 18 and over because of alcohol license laws, then they'd be cool.

It back fired on the haters and dance nazi's, who are mostly in their late 20's. Their clubs might have been cool 5-8 years ago, but they are well past it now.

So young shufflers all over the world began to dance in the streets organising their own street meet ups, starting up their own forums in their own local language across Europe so they didn't have to put up with the crap on Melbourne based forums who support the dance nazi's.

MSO now has visitors from over 3,500 cities in 100 countries, the Shuffle is in movies, on TV, is in the main stream media, and a bunch of us got together for meet ups on 17 May 2008 to show we are not intimidated by racists and haters, and Shuffled in proud defiance.

So instead of destroying the shuffle the past 6 months.


and the dance nazi's have all but scurried off with their tail between their legs, and are basically forgotten now.

I've been contacted by many new shufflers who wanted to post vids on the Global Shuffle day, but felt they needed more practice before having their youtube debut. Others had exams and other commitments etc.

So we are extending the Global Shuffle to an ongoing thing. Just put 'globalshuffle' as a tag in your vid to show you support Shufflers of all abilities, ages, races, religions, nationalities.

You are welcome to add your vids to the official forum thread too.


>>> Will there be another Global Shuffle Day? Maybe. Speaking for Shufflers in Melbourne, we'd like it during our (southern) Summer. We're not fond of shuffling in the cold wet rain hehe. But then that makes it winter for those in the north.

And so many people had a great time meeting up on 17 May, they want to do it again too.

So stay tooned we'll see if we can come up with something that suits everybody.

>>> I would personally like to thank our Malaysian and Singapore shuffle friends and crews, Shifter, Tribezone, Hazard Minors for their tireless support, and Jancis on a great effort with her first Shuffle event in Singapore. And to all who attended or supported Global Shuffle the world over.

And thanks to our American shuffle friends in New York who tried valiantly to get the Shuffle parade float happening in the New York Dance parade, but ran into internal organisation opposition. - After a good start and support from the Dance Parade founder and organiser, the parade was forced to change direction, and stop embarrassing the politicians with political remarks, it's election year in the USA and the politicians are nervous. So the Melbourne Shuffle was considered to be too outspoken for the New York Dance Parade, by some influential people inside and outside of the organisation.

Sadly the parade had less than half the dancers than last year, and the 80 year old dance bans in New York, still remain.


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