Sunday, May 4, 2008

UShufflezAlliance - new USA shuffle forum

Well here it is, for our American Shuffle friends, an American Shuffle forum UShufflezAlliance .

MSO has been in touch with the forum creator Empyrean, who is based in Wichita/Kansas, to sus things out, and got a friendly welcome.

Happy to say UShufflezAlliance is wanting to promote the Shuffle in America, is crew/team friendly and welcomes people new to the Shuffle. Great to hear, and I'm sure our American Shuffler friends will welcome a local Shuffle forum.

MSO will be dropping by the forum from time to time to see how the Shuffle is going in the USA. So, might see you there.


You might bump into these Shufflers there too, from Houston Texas in the vid below at their 1st Houston Meet Up - and got kicked out of the Mall !, but there's always the street ;) Never mind, one day the Mall will be sponsoring a Shuffle competition there, guarantee it, Can't Stop Shuffle Powa ;)


  1. Empyrean here, nice mate. noice. Hope to see increased traffic between each others forums as well as more new shufflerz!

  2. i am curently in texas and i have traveld the world collecting knowledge of dance and music i would like to start by saying you guys are the best and i would like to meet you guys one day if you are intrested please contact me at my e-mail( just came to edinburg texas (from queens new york)to meet my future wife but will only be here for a short while. I eventually might move to Calfornia by May. But in this process it you guyz consider meeting me and help me incorperate your shuffling style into my brake dancing, and liquids style. It would be greatly appreciated since I have no money I would never be able to make it to you guys. Please consider this more that just a comment on your site but as a hopeful future and recognition.

  3. thank you for approoveing my comment i also intend to incorperate krump in to the rest of my final dance formula

  4. no worries yuki, and welcome to MSO ;)

  5. Please post answer I just want to know if you guys can consider coming I'll be moving to California at March so if all fails we can meet in cali

  6. hey guys you know of any shufflers in the north carolina area? me and a couple buddies think its sick and wanna start learning but it would b easier with someone correcting us and making us better...thanks!