Tuesday, February 10, 2009

TVU Crew - the Class of 1992

In this photo: Annabel Dundas, Simone Dumaresq, Brett Dumaresq, Russell HardCore, tricky, Duncan (doc) J Plank, Jason Knipe, Bolty, Krash, Hydi (Holding broom), Johnny Lad, Brewster Bee, Lee Dixon [spam], Scott Adcock, Garry Shepherd (With costume on), Clare O'Donohue, clare, shaun Viridian, Tricia Phelan, Jenny McNab, Melanie Taig, Mitchell, Zip Hed
Pic by Richie 'Rich' McNeill (1992)

If you know other names please let us know in the comments.

    We've just had confirmation that it is Hydi holding the broom. Our collective memories have got it sorted. I remember Hydi near me, but I had my costume hat on and couldn't see anything but the feet of the people in front of me. Which is how I knew I was facing the camera :)
  • Krash has the broom stick in the vid I shot of the same morning (see vid below), so the assumption was that Krash had the broom. So it's sorted.
  • Of course we can't agree on the date of the pic at this stage just the year 1992, we all have different opinions of the matter... bloody typical oldskool lol. We're all in the same pic and we swear by different dates ranging from March 92 to Oct 92. It is worth noting that nobody disputes that the same crew could have been at any of those 8 or so alternate dates for the photo. It just blurs into one year long party.
  • Brewster Bee has kindly invited everyone over to the PFP Purple Forest Posse facebook group to catch up and post more pic etc. I'd encourage new shufflers to visit and chat with these oldskoolers.
  • You will be able to see the TVU crew, and many of the other oldskool crews live in action in the GLOBAL SHUFFLE feature documentary

This photo has just surfaced on the oldskool facebook pages. These are original Melbourne Shufflers or as we called ourselves then - Stompers.

It's at the TVU warehouse in Melbourne (Footscray) where many of us lived for most of 1992 running our own TV station and holding shuffle parties - hard life eh ? ;)

Crews would join together to hold events. TVU for instance was Television Unlimited, a formal crew with committee etc who could approach government departments to get test broadcast licenses for experimental TV broadcasts. Pirate TV crews also existed, but they were illegal and carried a 10 year jail sentence.

TVU had this amazing 3 roomed warehouse, each room about 5000 sq feet, and all joined by doors. We joined up with the Every Picture Tells A Story crew and broadcast dance parties live to air, along with our other experimental stuff.

Many of us lived in there between parties and broadcasts, mainly to keep an eye on the expensive broadcast gear we had there.

It was also a club house for us. People would be there every night of the week and weekends were just a long party from Friday night to Sunday night.

Here's one of our broadcast weekends from 2 months before the group pic. You'll get an idea of the other TVU crew from the tech and organisational side. We'd often have this much expensive gear laying around, hence we'd live there to protect it.

This is the TVU promo clip which was broadcast across Melbourne once an hour for the year. It's got footage of the parties held at TVU and the first ever Shuffle footage to be broadcast on TV. ! I edited this clip in this same warehouse in a mammoth 16 hour all night session.

NEURENERGEN by Garry Shepherd '92

We eventually got kicked out of the warehouse at the end of 1992.

It only lasted that year, but was the most significant early warehouse site in the oldskool era, defining elements of what a Melbourne Warehouse dance party was.

A definition that continued for over a decade and epitomised a true underground Melbourne Shuffle party.

This group pic above, is the morning after an Every Picture Tells A Story party in August (I think) Every Pic 3 or 4 ? Richie 'Rich' Mc'Neill wanted to get a group shot of the TVU crew to put on the flyer for his next Hardware party, but I think we were a bit intense for him. But that didn't stop a lot of us working on Richie's parties over the years.

It was considered ok to be a part of several crews at once, as long as they were not in competition with each other.

In the early days of the oldskool era, it was much like it is now in the Shuffle scene. It's generally too small for people to have big major clans in most towns around the world. And it's still all very new to everyone.

You just want to go out and meet other shufflers. You don't want to know about clan politics, who's cool who's not. You just want to meet up and have fun.

That's how it was in this 1992 pic, just like any shuffle meet-up group pic today.

Most of us were total strangers to each other from all across town at the start, but instantly, you become friends and nearly 20 years later, you're still friends.

These pics below are inside and outside of the party that night of the group pic. (Video shots of me were taken by Zip Hed) That's me roaming around the video art room in my party clothes.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Dutch Shufflers in Melbourne


I've spent the past few weeks explaining Melbourne's weather to Millie from the Dutch Shufflers.

Millie's on his way to Melbourne in a couple of weeks and I'll be showing him some of the historic Shuffle sites around Melbourne and interviewing him for the Global Shuffle DVD.

It's about zero degrees in the Netherlands on a warm day at the moment, and yesterday it reached a record 46C in Melbourne. It gets much higher inland.

But as quick as that peak is reached it dropped 20 degrees in about an hour when the cool change came through last night and now the next day it's a chilly 16 degrees and raining outside, and I'm thinking about putting on the heater !

So this is pretty common in Melbourne, these dramatic changes, and we take them in our stride, there's little else you can do about it ;) It's part of Melbourne character.

We live between two feuding jet streams in Melbourne. One to the north draws hot moist air from the tropics, then super heats it over 2000 kms of hot desert and blasts Melbourne with it, as you can see in the weather map of yesterday 7 February 2009 below. Melbourne is about where that bottom red arrow is, covered by the northern jet stream.











Then today 8 February 2009 the Jet Streams Collide. The southern jet stream has pushed it's way up north with cold air straight from the south pole over 3000 klms of antarctic ice chilled sea - Antarctica has 90% of the worlds ice.

Like these jet streams have the whole of the southern hemisphere to play in, and they choose to have a turf war directly over Melbourne !! Why not out at sea ! grrrrr

So what should Millie bring for a Melbourne summer in 2 weeks ? Plan for Everything :)

We'll be shooting around the Melbourne CBD in about two weeks. If you spot us come up and say hello.

Here's the latest from the Dutch Shufflers, with some great shots of the crew.

Dutch Shufflers

Shuffle Lion Dance

Now this is brilliant ! So much so, that I reckon it deserves to be a new shuffle genre !!! What do you think ? Leave a comment.

Shuffle Lion Dance

Friday, February 6, 2009

Body Building Shuffle Moves

In Advanced Shuffle Footwork I mention the choreography of Feet Of Flames - Warrior using body building poses as dance moves. The moves are examples of iconic images or gestures which you can use in your shuffle routine to convey meaning in your shuffling.

This can become part of your shuffle vocabulary ( 1 move = 1 word ). How you present that move is called the context. The context in shuffling is the moves before and after the iconic image or gesture. They convey whether you are taking the move in a serious or fun way.

To reverse this for the shuffler, here is a great vid of a bodybuilding contest. This guy uses the standard body building poses, and then expands his pose vocabulary with dance moves.

The person who posted the vid thinks it's a joke, but he's actually very good.

Dance by Bodybuilder


See the similar poses used in Feet Of Flames.

Feet Of Flames - Warriors