Sunday, February 8, 2009

Dutch Shufflers in Melbourne


I've spent the past few weeks explaining Melbourne's weather to Millie from the Dutch Shufflers.

Millie's on his way to Melbourne in a couple of weeks and I'll be showing him some of the historic Shuffle sites around Melbourne and interviewing him for the Global Shuffle DVD.

It's about zero degrees in the Netherlands on a warm day at the moment, and yesterday it reached a record 46C in Melbourne. It gets much higher inland.

But as quick as that peak is reached it dropped 20 degrees in about an hour when the cool change came through last night and now the next day it's a chilly 16 degrees and raining outside, and I'm thinking about putting on the heater !

So this is pretty common in Melbourne, these dramatic changes, and we take them in our stride, there's little else you can do about it ;) It's part of Melbourne character.

We live between two feuding jet streams in Melbourne. One to the north draws hot moist air from the tropics, then super heats it over 2000 kms of hot desert and blasts Melbourne with it, as you can see in the weather map of yesterday 7 February 2009 below. Melbourne is about where that bottom red arrow is, covered by the northern jet stream.











Then today 8 February 2009 the Jet Streams Collide. The southern jet stream has pushed it's way up north with cold air straight from the south pole over 3000 klms of antarctic ice chilled sea - Antarctica has 90% of the worlds ice.

Like these jet streams have the whole of the southern hemisphere to play in, and they choose to have a turf war directly over Melbourne !! Why not out at sea ! grrrrr

So what should Millie bring for a Melbourne summer in 2 weeks ? Plan for Everything :)

We'll be shooting around the Melbourne CBD in about two weeks. If you spot us come up and say hello.

Here's the latest from the Dutch Shufflers, with some great shots of the crew.

Dutch Shufflers

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