Sunday, October 21, 2007

Shifter - Melbourne Shuffle Battle 2007

There's one sure way to deal with the idiotic suggestion to ban the Melbourne Shuffle, and that is to SHUFFLE!

And that's just what Shifter (pic below) did yesterday (20 October 2007), in grand style with a choir opening, in this fantastic regal looking setting at The Summit Batu Pahat (Malaysia) for the Melbourne Shuffle Battle 2007. Shifter were invited to do a special performance.

The event title 'Melbourne Shuffle Battle 2007' took on a whole new meaning with the ban drama a few days ago. And I for one reckon the Melbourne Shuffle wins round 1.

Shifter are showing some impressive development here with their style and choreography.

Love the swirl thing in the middle, and the 'hats off' is nice too. So hats off to you too Shifter. Good to see you out there having fun.

Shifter - Melbourne Shuffle Battle 2007

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Thursday, October 18, 2007

BANNED IN SYDNEY - Melbourne Shuffle

*** NEWS FLASH ***

Talk about killjoys. Our northern neighbours in Sydney Australia are trying to ban shuffling. Some dropkick (idiot) club promoter in Sydney is trying to get the Melbourne Shuffle Banned, because of saftey concerns - yeah right, as Wade O'Leary of NineMSN reports Thursday October 18 2007...

"We're just trying to get it banned, basically. With the help of the media, this could be a thing of the past." Tim Sabre of Raw Entertainment says.

There's a comments link to the NineMSN news story, Your say: Is 'shuffling' a menace? [UPDATE: The comments section was closed down after just one hour because it was flooded with protests from around Australia. You can leave your comment/protest in the comments section of this post and read the news story comments below]

Shuffling a menace !?! Tim Sabre of Raw Entertainment and partners in cultural crime are the menace! grrrr!!!

You are encouraged to post your thoughts in the comments section of this post below. Sounds more like Raw Entertainment is jealous of the Melbourne Shuffle. So let everyone know folks, boycott these Sydney clubs and promoters if you wanna dance.

Our hearts and thoughts go out to our Melbourne Shuffle friends and supporters from Sydney and .

Melbourne Shuffle Oldskool recommends Sydney Melbourne Shufflers check these two great Sydney based forums for venues and events that are MELBOURNE SHUFFLE SUPPORTERS

Makes you wonder. In Malaysia ( a moderate Muslim country) the Melbourne Shuffle is celebrated and recognised by the Olympic Council of Malaysia and International Dance Sport Federation, in Sydney, they ban it! Cry FREEDOM Sydney!!!

Here's the news story and original news story link.


Campaign to snuffle shuffle in Sydney picks up pace

Thursday Oct 18 12:00 AEST
By Wade O'Leary

A Sydney nightclub promoter has started a campaign to ban a style of dance that he says is a danger to other patrons.

"Shuffling" — a mix between the moves of one-hit wonder MC Hammer and the frenetic steps required by dancing machines in amusement arcades — has long been a staple of the Melbourne rave scene.

Your say: Is 'shuffling' a menace? But Tim Sabre of Raw Entertainment says Sydney clubbers swallowing booze rather than ecstasy tablets are turning the free-flowing style into a dancefloor disaster.

"I've seen some near-misses and some not-misses involving young ladies being sideswiped … it's more the patrons who are going off about it, the clubs are happy to have anybody there," he said.

"It's ridiculous — what are they doing?"
Sabre promotes nights at some of the city's classier venues — including Soho, Mandalay and Goodbar — and says the smaller Sydney clubs can't cope with the southern style.

"It used to be in those clubs where people stood two metres apart from each other and they were all on ecstasy, so if they bumped into each other they'd give each other a hug," he said.
"In Sydney, on the other hand, they try to do it on a crowded floor while drunk.

"You need precision and when you're drunk you lack that, so when somebody goes staggering around and hits the wrong people … it's not good."

But fellow club promoter and DJ Peter Glass described the campaign as "ludicrous". "That's their self-expression, that's what dancing's about," he said. Glass — a fixture at top-drawer Sydney venues like De Nom, Ruby Rabbit and Will & Toby's — believes there is a simpler solution.

"If you play that sort of music you're attracting that sort of clientele, so if you're having that problem you should change your music policy," he said.

"I've never come across this sort of thing in any venue I've worked in."

But Sabre insists he will continue his fight to let his patrons dance in safety. "We're just trying to get it banned, basically," he said.

"With the help of the media, this could be a thing of the past."


'A thing of the past' ? Not a chance!!

How about promoters and venue's begin to put "MELBOURNE SHUFFLE SUPPORTER" in their advertising so shufflers will know where they're welcomed?

Know a venue or event who is a Melbourne Shuffle Supporter? Post the details in the comments.

Anytime something like this happens a great 1983 electro track by Reflex - The Politics Of Dancing comes to mind. It was released at a time when Politicians were trying to ban dance music from the radio, and pirate radio stations kept broadcasting it. Here's a pic of my original vinyl and a clip of the track, with lyrics that go...

The Politics Of Dancing. The Politics of Feeling Good, The Politics of Moving, is this message understood? We’re under pressure, yes we’re counting on you. It's not what you say, it's what you do. It's in the papers, it's on the TV news, Oh the implications, it's just a point of view"

I hum it to myself and drift away, it seems to help.

So now some nutter is trying to ban dancing! Well the Politicians couldn't stop dance music being broadcast, and Tim Sabre and Raw Entertainment's campaign won't stop us doing the Melbourne Shuffle.

Some not too bad dancing in the clip too, roller skates on the rooftop etc. Worth a look...

Re-Flex. The Politics of Dancing (1983)


NineMSN has now locked the comments for this story. No new Comments will be accepted. It was shutdown just one hour after going online, being swamped by comments, virtually all supporting the Melbourne Shuffle. I've listed the comments below. Please feel free to add comments in this posts comments section. This ain't over yet!!!

Your say: Is 'shuffling' a menace?
Thursday Oct 18 17:00 AEST
A hit Melbourne dance style known "shuffling" has been slammed by a Sydney nightclub promoter who claims it is dangerous to other revellers.

Have you had any close encounters with the shuffle? Does it imperil a good night out?

Tell us your thoughts below.

Posted by: andyandcraig, melbourne, on 18/10/2007 6:02:54 PM
How rediculous to try and ban a dance style......whats next you had better ban ball room dancing - what would happen if one of those big high heels broke off it could flick up and hit someone in the eye (very dangerous). I have seen people who are drunk cause more trouble on the dance floor stumbling around slurring their words bumping into people. Shuffling is a Melbourne icon should never be banned, and how would you police that one.


Posted by: Benni, SYDNEY, on 18/10/2007 6:00:46 PM
Man shuffling is not dangerous the only danger is if the people around the persona are stupid enough to get in the way. To be honest i would rather watch some one shuffle then watch 100 people dance dirty house to a hardstyle techno song!!!!!! more dangerous that you haev a 100 people on bingerz touchign eat other if you ask me!. But hey wats more dangerous a shuffler or the guyz on E man some one tell me cause if you thing is the shuffler some one defenatly has a screw loose!!!!!!!!!


Posted by: SHUFFLAHH, MELBOURNE, on 18/10/2007 6:00:02 PM
banning shuffling???? ARE USE CRAZY its a type of dance people could do its better then having people punching, i cant believe this its a type of dance people do because they enjoy it! its not like were trying to distroy the earth MY god this is pathetic im a shuffler and i love shuffling i dont think use can stop me do whatever use want cos i do what i want when i cant


Too far
Posted by: Richy, Brisbane, on 18/10/2007 5:58:25 PM
Any drunk person, doing any form of dancing is usually a hazard, its the other drunk people who dont look out for themselves who bump into them and cause a problem. If your not stupidly blind its not very hard to avoid bumping into someone who is trying to dance. Banning this style of dance is ridiculous! So NO, it should not be banned on such pathetic terms.


let them dance
Posted by: amy, *, on 18/10/2007 5:55:22 PM
they are talented and skillful dancers, it is great entertainment, we could ban all danceing because it is dangerous in someway lets just leave them alone at let them dance!


melbourne shuffler menace?
Posted by: leahh, melbourne, on 18/10/2007 5:54:02 PM
by no way is this unique form of dance a menace. you would have to be an idiot to hurt yourself doing the mebourne shuffler. why would you try and take away our unique and induvidual tradmark of melbourne. no where else in the world will you find this dance. and you wonder why you have violence among youth.what else have you left us with to entertain ourselves. stop protecting us from ourselves. its not life without chances. you are leaving people to live lives of conformity. seems like you wont be happy until we are all sitting at home every night staying quiet and leaving you alone to die without bother.


Re: Is 'shuffling' a menace?
Posted by: Justin Jacobs FiLOXTC, Melbourne, on 18/10/2007 5:53:09 PM
i don't get how it is a menace. Shuffling is a way to express yourself through techno. It's for fun, but how does it make it dangerous? i mean the only thing bad about it is that some people actually sell drugs in clubs and places wen shuffling doesn't involve drugs being used. all i gotta say is. . . . Shuffling's not a menace. it just a style of dance that everyone enjoys doing


Posted by: Tiny.Z, Melbourne, on 18/10/2007 5:52:54 PM
You guys cant ban a style of dance thats just rediculous, people shouldnt be getting ''side-swiped'' unless they are too close! think about it! its like break dancing ofcourse you're going to get hurt if you stand too close...banning shuffling in Sydney or Melbourne is like banning sex in greece! seriously people stop sulking about something little as this...theres people in the world living with cruelty each day...and you're complaining about getting side-swiped by a dancer!?


Posted by: clubber lang, VIP area, on 18/10/2007 5:50:54 PM
like the article says... a mix between mc hammer and those dorks on the dance machines down at timezone. shuffling is strictly for dorks and tryhards (ie. people from melbourne)


Posted by: Steve, Perth, on 18/10/2007 5:50:54 PM
No I don't think shuffling is a bad thing. It is a way for people to express themselves on the dance floor. If someone is a bit boozy and is making an abortoin of it, people should just steer clear of him or her. I think it looks great and if I could do it, I would.


Posted by: speedy, melbourne, on 18/10/2007 5:50:25 PM
shuffling come from the heart its not something u can just stop even if u do try to stop it its to late


Posted by: mummy_chazza, armadale perth, on 18/10/2007 5:40:28 PM
i dont see there being a huge problem if u ban this then u have to ban the way the girls dance when they get on the florr and stik there bums up ont he way out etc im 21 and go to niteclubs a fair bit and have neva seen any problems woiht it


Posted by: Chapo, Brisbane, on 18/10/2007 5:40:02 PM
Hey, I'm sorry to whomever you may be 'sydney club promoter' you will never be able to ban it.. over the past 15 years it is something that has evolved and spread ALL over the WORLD and is something very very common you will see in any nightclub even those that arent TRANCE HARDSTYLE (whatever you want to call it). r'n'b has a similar dance which you could also count as 'Dangerous'. I know! why dont we just can all dances completely, i meen look at jive and all those other sorts of radical, energetic movement dances.. if this were to happen i wouldnt be suprised if you lost alot of business or even your job!.. the rave scene is HUUGE! you can't just ban a dance, thats the most rediculous thing i've ever heard. It's how people express themselves or just straight up havin a bucket loada fun.. yeah fair enough if someone bumped into someone cause being drunk and dancing I AGREE its not good at all, but thats got nothing to do with shuffling in particular, it'd involve all dances!


Shuffling a Menace ? Shut up. Honestly.
Posted by: Baby k., Melbourne, on 18/10/2007 5:34:48 PM
Do you know what rave is ? What shuffling is ? It's a dance style. You can't ban a dance style, this dance is for expression not impression. You're thinking "What on Earth are they doing?" probably cause you think they're all souped up on drugs not knowing what's going on ? Of course they do, and as well they should. Yes there are some "Ravers" that take pills and rock it as hard and sometimes not notice the others around them, but you think they purposely do it ? If you think shuffling is so ridiculous, try viewing it from the Ravers perspective before you go on whining. I'm a Raver, infact I'm even from a crew. We don't bump into people ? We don't hurt or distract others ? We don't take drugs ? You're stereotyping a raver to the old fashion guys back in the days, the old generation. It's called the "Melbourne Shuffle". No ones good at it, no ones bad at it, everyone has their own style, and aslong as the persons enjoying what his doing that's good enough for me.


"shuffling" has been slammed
Posted by: Nozz, Central Coast, on 18/10/2007 5:33:55 PM
haha thats a complete joke...tryin to ban the shuffle will be impossible to police and is a wasted effort to even think about gettin rid of it


Posted by: paul, sydney, on 18/10/2007 5:32:48 PM
"A unique style like the shuffle banned?" how can you call it unique when 90% of ppl know how to do it. and people say it's a good dance are idiots. it's very simple and repetitive. the guy in that video is terrible at it he mainly stomps which is even worse, try learn some pop and lock and liquidpop eh?


Posted by: Sacco, Melbourne , on 18/10/2007 5:32:45 PM
Shufflin can be done by anyone doesnt matter were your from you dance for express not impress aslong as you enjoy it then keep doing it =) I have been shuffflin for awhile now and i enjoy shuffling i think they should put shufflin as another major dance it can be used in rueteens and solo shufflin In malaysia there are alot of shufflin events , compertitions and shuffle meet ups i think the compertitions and meetups should come to aus more and the shufflers should be incoraged more to dance would you rather see them fight or dance? think about it =) thanks for your time Yours Trully Sacco =)


melbourne shuffle
Posted by: girt, melbourne australia, on 18/10/2007 5:32:40 PM
The Melbourne shuffle is a skilled style of dancing, I for one will stand and watch the people that have that ability for ages, it looks amazing and you can appreciate how much practise it takes to perfect. If the club owners don't like it don't play techno. Can you shuffle to brittney spears...NO! play other music if you dont like it..


Posted by: phebs, brisbane, on 18/10/2007 5:32:28 PM
it is rediculous, it's dangerous, it annoys other patrons. They should ban it for the best interest of other patrons and the best interest and for the shufflers them selves, they look like idiots.


Posted by: kazon351, Perth, on 18/10/2007 5:31:09 PM
From the clips I have wittnessed I don't see any problem with this dancing. at least they are not crowd surfing or injuring anyone. Give them there designated space and leave them alone. If ya just wanna drink, watch or melow out, then keep you distance.
Working ... Shuffling
Posted by: Synopsis, Darwin, on 18/10/2007 17:26:40
The shuffling scene isn't very big in darwin but even we know that the dance itself isnt dangerious, its the drunk people. Any dance performed by a drunkard can be potentially lethal. Leave the shuffle alone guys. Don't make us laught...


control freak clubs!!!
Posted by: nev, Brisbane, on 18/10/2007 17:26:28
We control what you wear. We control who can come in. We can control how you dance! Do you really think that a club will survive with anymore restrictions? What load of bull!! What next... we control what you say-who you flirt with-what you drink?


Posted by: kelliec, liverpool, on 18/10/2007 17:25:09
shuffling is NOT dancing. its jumping around in a drug induced haze knocking into everyone around you. so stupid.


Posted by: C0OkI3z., Melbourne, on 18/10/2007 17:21:22
I'm 12 and i think that the idea of banning this dance is bonaks! Im outraged by the very thought. Just becuase some silly people can't do it properly we shouldnt be banned! Im horrified. 'SHUFFLE.' YALL WAI. FROO. LYF. PEEPS!


Posted by: Daryl Sommers, Sydney, on 18/10/2007 17:16:48
Forget shuffling in the clubs. Bring on the off guts ballroom dancing!


Melbourne Shuffle
Posted by: Gem, MELBOURNE, on 18/10/2007 17:16:48
The melbourne shuffle is why alot of people go out because when its done its amazing to watch U sydneysiders are just jeaous because you cant shuffle like us down south x0x0 KEEP THE MELBOURNE SHUFFLE ALIVE


Shuffling is stupid
Posted by: salih, melbourne, on 18/10/2007 17:12:28
im 16, and most guys my age do it, its a riduculous dance and should be banned. they do it at parties thinking theyre cool but they just look like theyre having a seizure on the dance floor. Also when they shuffle they take up the whole dance floor and all they do is make a huge circle and watch one guy do it...


shuffle dangerous? i say no way
Posted by: rosie, qld, on 18/10/2007 17:12:25
are they kidding? ppl in night clubs already dance like this, if not worse. no one gets hurt. if people are that drunk that they have lost their coordination, thats the clubs fault for serving the patron that much alcohol to get to that point. they should be more worried about other issues like fights


Melbourne Shuffle
Posted by: Dot, Adelaide, on 18/10/2007 17:10:45
It's not the dance that is the problem, it's the drunken idiots. They'll fall over other people no matter what dance they're trying to do. Ban the drunks. How can you ban a dance move!?!?!?!


Posted by: S DEE, Sydney, on 18/10/2007 17:10:45
Shuffling is not dangerous!! How about start a campaign to ban trouble makers, people that graphite clubs, damage bathrooms, start fights


Posted by: Will, Melbourne, on 18/10/2007 17:06:45
A unique style like the shuffle banned? I'm surprised. Thank god I don't live in Sydney. Here in Melbourne, I live for Shuffling. Shuffling is passion for many Melbournians hitting the clubs, its a special dance, unique in its way and very enjoyable and to see a person complaining about it is very shocking. Dangerous? I laugh at that. Shuffling when your drunk is dangerous, I agree. Sydney has its fair share of Shufflers and I know it won't be banned or expect a riot.



The guy, Tim Sabre of Raw Entertainment, might be just an attention seeking looser. BUT... nutty ideas sometimes catch on. For instance it was illegal to sell a piece of wood or get a hair cut on a Sunday in Melbourne until the mid 1990's. Why? Politicians. Unfortunetly many are as thick as two bricks, but they have the power to tell Armies and Police to do what they choose. We've got a Federal (national) election in about 6 weeks in Australia. Let's hope some nutty politicians don't take this call for a ban seriously. If there was going to be a ban, for any reason, it would need the politicians to approve it. And if it got banned in Australia, it might then be banned in other countries.


1. Don't wait until it's banned!
No-one ever dreamed someone would suggest banning the Melbourne Shuffle. But now some jerk has, and it's got National News coverage. Will it happen for real? Do you really want to wait and find out? Who knows what's in this Tim Sabre of Raw Entertainment's little mind?

>> Head it off now, when it's just a stupid idea. Don't wait for it to grow.

2. Let people know it's a stupid idea
It may come as a surprise, but the Melbourne Shuffle is still an underground dance movement, that's the way we like it. But now it's broken into the mainstream media. YOU tell the mainstream what the shuffle is all about and what it means to you. Don't let some misinformed journo, grab a few quotes from somewhere that give the wrong idea to the mainstream.

>>When people understand it's a harmless healthy dance style, not some violent drug crazed frenzy like Tim Sabre and Raw Entertainment make out, then the mainstream will treat Tim Sabre like the nutter he is and ignore him.

3. Take it seriously
"It's just a dance" - No, it's your culture. Dictators and Oppressors throughout history know, to destroy a people, you destroy their culture, their art, their language, their music, their fashion, their dance, their life, like they never existed.

>>Why should your culture be banned? Don't let the dance nazi's win, you are more valuable than their opinion of you.

4. Direct Action
Seeing Australian Politicians will decide if the Shuffle will or will not be banned, before you vote in the approaching Australian election, it'd probably be a good idea to see if either of the major players would actually do the stupidest thing on earth, and ban the Melbourne Shuffle. If you're too young to vote, then hassel your parents about it. After all, it's your life too, that the Politicians are controlling.

>>Would you vote for a Politician who would ban the Melbourne Shuffle?

Here's the major Australian players web site links - ask them direct,

"If elected, Will you Ban the Melbourne Shuffle?"

Labor Party (Likely winners according to polls)

Liberal Party (Conservatives, Current government)


Network Ten, which has a bigger youth focus than the other TV networks, has a very good MEET THE PRESS program. They have a MYSpace page with forums where you can post questions for the reporters to ask the Politicians.

Get posting Shufflers, don't wait until it's banned. Head the Politicians off at the pass,

Take control of your dance destiny