Sunday, October 21, 2007

Shifter - Melbourne Shuffle Battle 2007

There's one sure way to deal with the idiotic suggestion to ban the Melbourne Shuffle, and that is to SHUFFLE!

And that's just what Shifter (pic below) did yesterday (20 October 2007), in grand style with a choir opening, in this fantastic regal looking setting at The Summit Batu Pahat (Malaysia) for the Melbourne Shuffle Battle 2007. Shifter were invited to do a special performance.

The event title 'Melbourne Shuffle Battle 2007' took on a whole new meaning with the ban drama a few days ago. And I for one reckon the Melbourne Shuffle wins round 1.

Shifter are showing some impressive development here with their style and choreography.

Love the swirl thing in the middle, and the 'hats off' is nice too. So hats off to you too Shifter. Good to see you out there having fun.

Shifter - Melbourne Shuffle Battle 2007

Don't forget, if you have a team or know of a team you think Melbourne Shuffle Oldskool (MSO) readers will be interested in, (and MSO has people from over 80 countries/1200 cities, in 30 languages visiting) please send us some info to


  1. shifter hardstyle prodigyOctober 23, 2007 at 1:25 AM

    thanx garry for the posting!!..
    keep in touch mate!
    my URL :

  2. Nice post Garry, and good to see the shuffle supported all over the world! I'll be doin my part by uploading new vids to my sites and New vids should be on the way soon! :)

  3. Great to hear from you Len, look forward to the new vids. I'll add your link to MSO as well, nice looking site.