Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Melbourne Shuffle in World Of Warcraft 2

Here's the second vid from Shuffler gorakaraz1 otherwise known as Jonas Agersø from Denmark.

Good to see the new improved version. Bit of (MC) Hammer slide in there as well.

And I agree with many comments in forums such as on , Yes there has got to be a rave in World of Warcraft !!

In fact Melbourne Shuffle Oldskool is organising one for May 17 2008 for the Global Shuffle. So start practicing and stay tooned for more info.

It'd be great I reckon, if the dance programing for characters was open for developers too. Get some serious shuffle avatars happening.

Like for instance instead of hat-tricks with your cap, there could be 'head-tricks, where you could spin your head around or lift it off and juggle it while shuffling :)

And there'd have to be some sort of flying shuffle, do it on a dragons back or something. Have one with your feet on fire...

Any WoW's who can offer more info about doing parties and developing characters? Please very much, get in touch!!

Garry Shepherd


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Melbourne Shuffle in World of Warcraft 2

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Commodore 64. 25th Birthday

With around 20 million sold between 1982 and 1994, the Commodore is the biggest selling computer model in history. This 8-bit marvel with "high resolution & sound synthesiser" had over 10,000 game titles for it as well.

The Computer History Museum, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, Pong designer Al Acorn and a bunch of others, got together earlier this week (10 Dec 2007) to celebrate the achievement with a tribute to 79 year old Jack Tramiel, Founder and CEO, Commodore International (Pic below credit: Daniel Terdiman/CNET

Jack, who in the late 1980's went on to become CEO of Atari Computers, still has a Commodore 64, he plays PacMan on it for a few minutes every day :)

"Mr. Tramiel founded Commodore Business Machines in 1955 as a typewriter service and sales company. Over the years, as office machines became more technologically advanced so did Commodore's products, advancing through electric typewriters, adding machines, desktop and handheld calculators, programmable calculators finally culminating in personal computers.

Commodore entered the home computer business at its inception, in 1977, with the PET computer. Following the slogan "Computers for the masses, not the classes", all of Commodore's computers were high-powered but low-priced.

The PET was followed, in 1980, by the VIC-20, the first microcomputer to sell more than one million units. The Commodore 64, introduced in 1982, remains the highest selling single computer model in history and launched the computer careers of much of the computer industry."

... extract from the Computer History Museum Commodore 64 25th Anniversary celebration video.

    You can still get Commodore 64 games and programs today, which will run on any modern computer see the c64 website for details and downloads

    Today, apart from his Commodore 64, Jack Tramiel uses a Dell Computer.

    I had a Commodore 64 like pretty well everyone who had a computer in the early 1980's. The Apple11e PC was 3 times the price for the same power, and the next step up from PC's were mainframe type computers that IBM built, with central processing units that took up an entire room.

    I wanted a PET in 1977, but they never got distributed to Australia. I've only got the original brochure from 1977 promising the availability in April/May 1978.

    I remember being crushed with disappointment when the PET was discontinued, but got really happy when the Commodore 64 came out.

    But I bought this computer before my Commodore 64, the 1984 Yamaha CX5M computer synth, with a prehistoric Microsoft (1983) music software program. It has 32K RAM...yes 'K'. It still works, I've still got it

    This is what it sounds like.

    As a Happy Birthday tribute, I''ve just uploaded a track I did on the CX5M when the Commodore 64 was just 3 years old. So this is a Youtube Premier ! yay

    It's called OBEY. Taken from a classic John Carpenter cult movie called 'They Live' (1988). Aliens from another planet infiltrate Earth with subliminal messages on giant billboard etc in a very big brother sort of way. One of the billboard commands is OBEY, in the same font as in the video art work.

    Alien from THEY LIVE by John Carpenter 1988

    We did real life pirate TV broadcasts from my Commerce House studio too and part of the feedback imagery is included in this clip.

    So Happy Birthday Commodore 64


    Download or Stream MP3 music

    Get this widget Track details eSnips Social DNA

    8-Bit Music 1985 and 8-Bit Vision 1992.

    There's a brilliant They Live fight scene staring Rowdy Roddy Piper a pro wrestler (The white guy in pic below) who tries to convince his friend to put on the 'special sunglasses', which let the wearer see the aliens and read the subliminal messages.

    It's a great fight scene, you've gotta check it out. You'll be yelling...'Just put on the sunglasses' within minutes

    THEY LIVE fight scene 1988.

    Sort of got off the track with the Commodore 64 25th birthday with all this 1980's stuff, but regular Melbourne Shuffle Oldskool visitors will be getting used to that sort of thing with me ;)

    Here's some links to some great histories of the early digital era, which in reality was not all that long ago, but in online years is the stone age... and we love it!! :) After all the wheel is very ancient technology, but we can still find a use for it today landing space shuttles.

    Thursday, December 13, 2007

    Jump Is Dead - Go Shuffle

    Jump Style is dead, time for the Melbourne Shuffle, so Cyril Rosman wrote a few days ago (8 December 2007) in the Dutch online magazine BN DeStem .

    I'm sure his comments will be debated with some considerable passion amongst our Dutch and Belgian friends on a forum or two :)

    Most shufflers aren't too interested in being compared with other dance styles, as in one being better or worse than the other, especially jump style. I've seen a number of shufflers break into jump, when they've felt the need.

    But these comparisons inevitably get made anyhow. All part of the broader dance scene.

    • That said, it's nice the story wasn't: Shuffle's Dead - Go Jump !! (whew) ;))

    I would like to thank Cyril Rosman and BN DeStern for mentioning the Global Shuffle in the article too, and linking to Melbourne Shuffle Oldskool.

    Here's a very rough google translation of the article, below... I'd recognise those Shuffle feet in the story graphic anywhere too, good on ya BigMilan ;)


    Saturday, December 8, 2007-Breda At a time when the conservative old men Elsevier there was about writing, it became a lot less fun. And when he won a jump - Piet came and eight children went with it to the hype, it was for the jumpstyle fans of the first hour really beyond: jump is dead!

    After gabber killed another dance craze on the cliffs of commerce. Time therefore for the emergence of a new underground dance style.

    John Pertijs, owner of feesttempel Zalinaz in Etten-Leur, it is still a little cautious: "Jump is a bit on his return. If small children will find fun, it is a bit on for the rest. Gabber - Piet was bad for the gabber, now there Jump - Piet, then the underground it is not fun anymore. " In Zalinaz are still jumpfeesten. "But the celebrations are more popular Lipstick: eclectic house. Hardstyle still popular."

    In Breda has a new dance of championing: shuffle. It would be just the new thing in town can be. Al hopes Bredanaar Maurice (14) there really is not. "It isjuist fun because there are few people who do it. Now is the particular and people are still looking for: what does that guy now?"

    Maurice 'discovered' shuffle along with a friend via youtube. "We thought it was fun and go practice. We are now a little below the knee, although we are still not very good, hear. But I think we are still the only two schools who can and do. Another fun thing because you are good you can lose energy when you are at a party. "

    Shuffle is totally different than jumping. By shuffle is precisely the intention that your feet as much as possible on the ground. Flitsend footwork is the most important. You can back and forth shuffelen, but only in the same area.

    Shuffle is not really new. It originated in the early nineties - underground house scene of Melbourne (Australia) and is therefore also known as the Melbourne Shuffle. According to Belgian bloggers zoemt dance already a year go through that country. In the USA, in the New York Annual Dance Parade of May 17 next year even a separate area reserved for the Shufflers: Global Shuffle.

    In the Netherlands, the shuffle already known for a while, but not doorgebroken. Already there appear more and more Dutch people with their own movie on youtube.


    So there ya go, the Melbourne Shuffle is known, 'but not doorgebroken'

    Would one of our Dutch or Belgian readers like to translate 'doorgebroken' for us. I have no idea what it means, neither did google :) Just post in the comments, that would be great, thanx

    Sunday, December 9, 2007

    Melbourne Shuffle in World of Warcraft


    The shuffle is truly spreading everywhere, even to online game World of Warcraft

    Shuffler gorakaraz1 otherwise known as Jonas Agersø from Denmark, has just posted this great hardstyle shuffle compilation in the World of Warcraft environment.

    Excellent Jonas !!!

    What a place for a shuffle meet :)) Gotta be more of it :))))


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    Wednesday, December 5, 2007

    Shifter @ Junior Sports Carnival -Angsana J.B (Malaysia) Dec 2007

    Shifter Shuffle School ! Well not quite ;) but this Junior Sports Carnival at Angsana J.B (Malaysia) December 1&2 2007 was done in conjunction with the Ministry Of Education and TV3 which broadcast it nationally.

    Shifter's in this event: Iqal, Izam, Kechik, Afiez, Afie & Faez. Well done guys.

    So how would you like to have the Shuffle as part of your school work? :))) Check it out with your local schools, most schools have some form of exercise programs, so why not Shuffling!! Ask a teacher, get the ball rolling.


    Saturday 1st December 2007


    Sunday 2nd December 2007