Sunday, March 6, 2011

Global Shuffle: At the Movies


Documentary Feature Global Shuffle will be screening at selected film festivals around the world in 2011/2012, as part of the GLOBAL SHUFFLE TOUR.


We want to give shufflers everywhere the chance to experience the Global Shuffle movie on the big screen, with a bunch of other shufflers from your town.

If you have a film festival somewhere near-by, even if it's a road trip away please let us know about it, and we'll submit the movie for the film festival.

If you don't know of any film festivals near-by, let us know your town so we can hunt down one for you.


We will be organizing free meet-ups before and after screenings at the film festivals where possible - usually they only screen a movie 2-3 times max per festival, after the premier screening has sold out.

These meet-ups will be a great way to meet other shufflers from your area. We hope the film festivals can help out with some suitable shuffling area near the cinema, and even get some media attention for the local news etc.

A typical meet-up starts about 90 minutes before the scheduled cinema screening time.

Typical Meet-Up Structure

SHUFFLE and CHAT: 1 hour
BREAK prepare for movie (buy munchees etc) 30 mins
MOVIE Global Shuffle Documentary Feature 80 mins
SHUFFLE and CHAT: 2 hours

So please let us know if you'd like to have an official GLOBAL SHUFFLE meet-up in your town here.


The dvd is not scheduled for release yet, but will be able to buy, download or rent the dvd and soundtrack online thru Amazon.

Check for updates  at Global Shuffle//IMDb


We'll keep adding film festivals to the list, in the order they occur during the year.

Some film festivals only accept Premiers (first screening) for that country or region in their festivals. So they get first screening. Then we can screen at other festivals who don't have the Premier requirement. Many of those will be in 2012.

Please remember this is only the submit stage to the film festivals. We'll be very sure to let you know the screening dates if we are selected. Submit deadlines are usually 3-4 months before the festival dates. Acceptance Notification to the festivals is usually 6-8 weeks before the festival dates.



FILE - Electronic Language International Festival São Paulo, Brazil  July 18 to August 28

KahBang Film Festival. Bangor Maine USA August 5 - 13 2011

New Zealand Film Festivals. various towns see list below

Auckland jul
Wellington jul/aug
Christchurch jul/aug
Dunedin jul/aug
Hamilton sep
Nelson sep
Napier aug
New Plymouth aug
Palmerston North aug
Tauranga aug/sep
Greymouth oct
Levin oct
Masterton oct
Gisborne nov
Whangarei nov

Woods Hole Film Festival. Cape Cod. USA july/august

Atlanta International Documentary Film Festival. Atlanta GA USA august

New York City International Film Festival. NY USA august

Albuquerque Film Festival Albuquerque. NM USA august

Kahbang Film Festival Bangor, Maine USA august

Festival de Gramado - Cinema Brasileiro e Latino. Gramado, Brazil august

Rhode Island International Film Festival (RIIFF). Newport Rhode Island USA august

Feel Good Film Festival.  Egyptian Theater Hollywood CA USA august

Odense International Film Festival. Odense, Denmark  august

Washougal International Film Festival. Washougal, WA USA august

Heart of England International Film Festival. Tenbury Wells UK august

Atlanta Underground Film Festival. Atlanta GA USA august

Commffest (Global) Community Film Festival. Toronto Canada september

Port Townsend Film Festival. Port Townsend WA USA september

Chungmuro International Film Festival. Seoul Korea september

Filmfest Hamburg. Hamburg, Germany  september

Edmonton International Film Festival. Edmonton Canada september

Cambridge Film Festival. Cambridge UK september

Indie World Film Festival. Belo Horizonte, Brazil  september

Ljubljana International Film Festival. Ljubljana, Slovenia september

International Film Festival Ireland. Clonmel County Tipperary Ireland september

Reykjavik International Film Festival. Iceland sept/october

Jacksonville Film Festival. Florida USA october

São Paulo International Film Festival. São Paulo Brazil october

Jihlava International Documentary Film Festival. Jihlava, Czech Republic october

Independent Experience. Owensboro. Kentucky USA october

Kansas International Film Festival. Overland Park KS. USA october

Chicago International Film Festival. USA october

Iran International Documentary Film Festival. Tehran Iran october

Tacoma Film Festival Tacoma WA USA october

Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival. Hot Springs National Park, Arkansas october

Anaheim International Film Festival. Anaheim CA USA october

Hamptons International Film Festival. East Hampton NY USA october

Duke City Docfest. Albuquerque. NM USA october

Flanders International Film Festival of Ghent. Ghent, Belgium  october

Savannah Film Festival Savannah. GA USA october

SF Documentary Festival. San Francisco. USA october

International Filmmaker Festival of World Cinema. Kent UK october

European Film Festival. Various cities (see list below). october / december
Turku. Finland
London. England
Paris. France
Cannes. France
Athens. Greece
Stockholm. Sweden
Warsaw. Poland
Moscow. Russia
Essex. England
Budapest. Hungary
Bristol. UK
Belgrade, Serbia

Hawaii International Film Festival. Honolulu HI USA october

The Loft Film Fest. Tucson AZ USA november

International Film Festival South Africa. Dargle Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa november

International Film Festival of Bratislava. Bratislava, Slovakia  november Belo Horizonte, Brazil november

Costa Rica International Film Festival. Manuel Antonio & Montezuma, Costa Rica november

Naples International Film Festival. Florida USA november

CPH:Dox Copenhagen International Documentary Film Festival. Copenhagen, Denmark  november

Brisbane International Film Festival. Brisbane, Australia november

Jakarta International Film Festival. Jakarta, Indonesia  december

Bahamas International Film Festival. Nassau, Bahamas december

Guangzhou International Documentary Film Festival. Guangzhou, China december



Adelaide Film Festival. Adelaide Australia February

Byron Bay International Film Festival. Byron Bay Australia march

Alabama International Film Festival. Troy Alabama, USA april

Sydney Film Festival. Sydney, Australia  june

Detroit Windsor International Film Festival. Detroit MI USA june

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