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LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem ft. Lauren Bennett, GoonRock

Imagine waking up and finding the whole world shuffling, hehe, these guys did. Not bad shuffling either for beginners.



And if you enjoyed that, you may enjoy the original NAM Rockfathers of the Melbourne Shuffle.

No offence intended to LMFAO, but people think your style is crap, it’s not, it’s just done by noobs. In Shuffling we don’t condemn the learners for trying, we teach them how it’s done properly.

The combination of Rap Rock and Shuffle was first done in Australia by NAM in 1993. Compared to the typical hiphop culture of rap and prerecorded hiphop records and hiphop dance which does virtually nothing with their feet, NAM was ALL live all the time and shuffled.

The front man BC (Cam) was a very well know and famous dancer in Australia. He started dance as a young child, held 2 Australian ballroom dancing titles, trained in classical ballet for 7 years and performed with the Sydney Dance Company for one and a half years and toured with major Australian party rock band Boom Crash Opera for years, appeared in national TV specials with them, then left to form NAM with Adrian (Guitarist).

NAM opened my TV show TOE-Theory Of Everything, most of Melbourne music industry was at their performance at the venue ( Wall Street Bar) Swanston Street Melbourne and at the Melbourne pub rock institution the Espy Hotel 800+ people that same year and the Espy performance 1994 is included in Global Shuffle 1 (see clip below). TOE aired from 1994-1998 nationally in Australia on free-to-air and pay-tv.

NAM were such a hit they released a single which became the standard and first track to found the Australian rap genre scene, using an Australian accent. They toured the country for years and inspired a generation of Australian rappers still active today.

Today they still inspire shufflers around the world, LMFAO included. LMFAO for all their talent, experience in the industry and that of their management, have never credited NAM or any other shufflers, or even mentioned the name of the City that the Shuffle which they love so much, was created in, Melbourne. = Melbourne Shuffle.

Here’s how by the masters in 1994


Then check out Millie (Miljano Soekha) who stars in the Dutch 2008 hit Melbourne Shuffle by the Melbourne Shufflers. It was the worlds first ever commercial shuffle music track to go mainstream, was the first track from new label Cloud9 Dance in the Netherlands and got most of Europe shuffling years before LMFAO had even heard of it – it’s been reported they only heard about shuffling in October 2010, a month or so after the Global Shuffle 1 trailer came out.


Here’s Millie with German dance greats Scooter at the Stadium Techno Inferno, Hamburg Germany on my birthday 25 June 2011. The track is J’adore Hardcore and is played real LIVE and with perfection.


This is the Global Shuffle 1 trailer posted on youtube 29 August 2010, and is a tutorial for arm moves which had not appeared in new shuffling from 2006+ because they’d been forgotten for about 10 years

Welcome to the first official release of any sort of footage from Global Shuffle ! Yay.

It's been 20 years in the making and first up is, arms !
Arm movements have been lost during the commercial era 1997-2003. No surprise why, they take up too much room on the dance floor. You can squeeze more people into a venue if you use the dance floor for crowding instead = $$$.

So they haven't featured in most new shuffler vids on Youtube because they were sadly long forgotten in the shuffle scene when Youtube hit in 2006.

So to help change that here we are with enough arm moves to keep you busy for months as you discover the top half of your body.

If you've got arms, use them. Even if it's just to accent a hardstyle sequence.

You have far greater movement possibilities including your arms. Much of the rigid arm style in shuffling has been inherited from strict Irish dance.

The arm rigidity is a display of high trained discipline, like a military parade move. It's actually an arm technique rather than just doing nothing, it takes a lot of effort to maintain rigidity when the rest of your body is stomping around all over the place.

But first a warning. Use your arms with lots of space, those walls can suddenly creep up on you, and broken wrists are never pretty.


GLOBAL SHUFFLE is the feature documentary movie released October 2010 that has 20 years of shuffle moves from the start in our underground TV studio which we broadcast our Shuffle parties live to air on our own TV channel 1992. To the first ever RUSSIAN MELBOURNE SHUFFLE CHAMPIONSHIPS by 4MR - For Mother Russia, in Moscow 2009 which we created for GS1.

Check out what the Russians were doing years before the Americans - yes I know it's a bit embarrassing for some Americans, but most just want the championship to come to their USA town !! Which we plan to do Hehe.

Here's the 2010 Russian Melbourne Shuffle Championship invite featuring 4MR dj's Viktor Strogonov, Proteus and the lovely Electra.



Here's the 2010 Warm up Party at Raveland

Here's the 2010 championship highlights 2010 Champion.

Here's some raw footage of the 2009 Championship showing how you not only have to dance, but respond to commands without missing a beat.

2009 Raw footage

Here's the 2009 Championships which were done for Global Shuffle 1 with a hardstyle workout mix. See how many rounds you can go.

The event is held at H77 - Hardline 77, which is an old Russian cold war aircraft hanger number 77, those red banners are NOT nazi’s. The Nazi’s stole the graphic style from the Russians, just as they stole and polluted the Swastika from the Hindu’s and stole artwork and cultures from everywhere and polluted them with hate. Literally, the word svastika is a statement of affirmation, "It is!" "Life is good!" "There is value" "There is meaning!"

> The NAZI propaganda machine still fools people today in thinking it’s a nazi sign, as the Herald Sun newspaper reports in Melbourne today 3 February 2012.

Part of shuffle culture is reclaiming OUR stolen cultures from Nazi bastards, and turning the global war machines into art and parties, a much better use than killing people we shufflers think.

And this is how the Russian Melbourne Shuffle Championships and 4MR appear in Global Shuffle 1, 2010




So LMFAO didn’t invent or create the Melbourne Shuffle, not by a long shot. No question they had a hit in the USA, but only after it had been a hit in most other places around the world years before – which is probably why their music execs decided to jump on the shuffle bandwagon. So they weren’t even the first at that.

You’ll also notice the fluro/UV fashion on black tops etc, and the art on the pants legs, the shuffle pants we call PHATS btw  The bright colors where actually not meant for daytime use, but at night at underground parties where we had UV lights everywhere so the colors glowed. While you can wear tight pants, skinny leg jeans, baggy ones are more comfortable for shuffling. The tight pants rub on your legs a bit much.

So thanks LMFAO for doing our dance, we don’t mind you jumping on the bandwagon you’re welcome, but you’ll do yourself a favor by manning up and publically admitting it’s the MELBOURNE SHUFFLE,

Come on LMFAO, be big boys, show the world you’ve got the guts to be real Melbourne Shufflers and decent human beings. Show some respect.

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  1. garry shepherd, i am writing a term paper on the melbourne shuffle and i am having a hard time trying to find info. this seems to be the only site that has info on all aspects of the melbourne shuffle. it would be greatly appreciated if you can point me in the right direction to find the culture, origins, and concepts of the shuffle.