Sunday, October 19, 2008

Lithuania Shufflers

Our shuffle friends in Lithuania are really getting their shuffle scene into action. Fantastic to see so many at the meet-ups, wearing some great Phats too! Good on ya guys and gals lets see some more :)

Here's a great MSO recommended forum, for shufflers in Lithuania >>>

Lithuania Shuffle meet-up . Vilnius Karolina

LT Meet Up pt6

3 members Last Shuffle Vid Till Lithuanian Shuffle MeetI

nsane Hardstylerz - 129% Pure Insanity---------------------------------------- --- errm yeah just watch the video xD i hope u enjoy don't forget to comment and rate xP Songs in order: Southstylers - Crystal Noisecontrollers - Crump DK&L - Destiny Karpe-DM - 8th Wonder Of The World (Dj Rise Remix)


Lithuanian Melbourne Shuffle Compilation

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