Monday, February 4, 2008

There's a new Shuffle site online in France. It's all in French language and is a great looking site. Welcome to the Melbourne Shuffle guys, glad you could join us.

Here's a tweaked google translation of the home page:


Welcome to the only French Melbourne Shuffle site!  Because it is time that everyone knows that there is not only the Tecktonik (TCK), as most of the info on this subject is in English, and then you'll learn to dance and discover the future Dance phenomenon in France!

The Melbourne Shuffle is a dance born in late 80's in Australia, in the underground scene of Melbourne, the 2nd largest city of the island continent.

The Melbourne Shuffle has experienced a growing success especially in the late 90's, it crossed continents to get to Europe and elsewhere already know this dance with success in Germany especially.

The original music was appropriate Jazz / Acid / House, and then gradually the Trance Music and finally today HardStyle and the Electro.  The HardStyle is already well known to a lot of people, this is the music of choice for the JumpStyle (dance popular in Holland, Belgium, northern France), music is also used for the tecktonik.

Beware, the Melbshuffle is not a variant of this famous dance TCK. It is a full-fledged style that has not been created for commercial purposes. Do not mix the two, you kill shufflers for less than that ;-)


Good on you France.

Do you know of a Shuffle site in a language other than English? Please let MSO know, so we can post their details.

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