Friday, February 1, 2008

SHUFFLE - introduction

It is significant that no single person has been identified as the creator of the Melbourne Shuffle. While it is commonly danced by individuals, it has always been a communal experience. A group of people moving.

Part of the Shuffle ethos is, that it is freely owned by everybody, everyone can contribute and everybody is welcomed. How does such an ideal work?

No one can even be sure when it started. It just seemed to be. Like a touchstone, everybody just knew about it. Like something primal, something that has always been. 'It' called, they came.

What is it about an isolated coastal village on the edge of the planet (next stop South Pole), that gave birth to such a mysterious creature? Why do so many relate to this dance and call it their own? Why does it cross international, religious and cultural boundaries with ease?

It's always fresh, always personal, and is always passionate! It adapts to it's surroundings, to each generation, growing and changing...

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  1. Want to chat about things mentioned in SHUFFLE!, like to ask somequestions, get clarification, make suggestions for the Documentary?


  2. Wow this site is helpfull!! I ran into shuffling at a dance I was at, and fell in love right off the bat, I love the idea that you cannot dance wrong with this style, but at the same time its all about having fun :) the movements are hard as hell at first but they are so much fun!! Thank you all so much for making a site like this to help with us new-joiners of the Shuffle :D

  3. hi :)
    this site is really helpfull!
    im a shuffle begginer...can u comment in my video?


  4. this site is really helpful ive been shuffling for a month so ive got everything down but this showed me stuff i havent seen thanks man!!!!

  5. this was totally helpful i can comfortably shuffle anywhere now! transitions no problem! thank you sooooooo much! shuffling is my life!