Friday, January 18, 2008

Adelaide (Aust) Shufflers

In Australia the major cities are pretty far apart. For instance, going north Sydney is about 10-12 hours drive from Melbourne, Brisbane another 10 hours drive north (Keeping to speed limits of course). Going west we have Adelaide, only about 8 hours drive from Melbourne. Then Perth, about 3 days drive ! (No exaggeration).

There's a few Adelaide shuffle vids appearing on Youtube these days, and about time ;) Great to see.

One point though. From what we can see in online comments, you all seem to be ripping each others heads off, about who's the greatest, and even being greater because you don't care about being greater !?

Come on guys :) Get it together, you should be encouraging each other, especially when you're starting out. Like the world hasn't got enough wars, you want to start fighting over dance? Better things to do with your life, like Shuffling. ;)

It's been a while since I was down Rundle Mall (Adelaide CBD), but from memory, there's some pretty good shuffling surfaces in it.

According to Jordano in this first clip Shuffle meets happen in the Rundle Mall after school on Thursdays/Fridays in front of Rebel sport.

So lets see some more shuffling coming out of Adelaide !!!

Here's a sample of some Adelaide shufflers - though not all individuals are from Adelaide.


Jordano Melbourne Shuffle Adelaide HardStyle Shufflers AHS -Adelaide City meetups i think usaully on thursday after skool infront of rebel sport rundle mee well for us anyway after skool since some of us have other commitments friday nights but yeah dont expect this to be right


Adelaide Shufflers compilation - in order of FIRST appearance: Josh Cuong Dweebz Hektic Sad Phil


ADELAIDE SHUFFLERS COMPILATION #1 -Hektic Dwee Josh Anto Goobarr Wangstain Cbee


HSI/mario shuffle in Adelaide - every1 was cleaning up inside after my cuz engagement party so i decided to make a shuffle vid and show these Adelaide people how to do the Melbourne shuffle. try and see if u can find the spelling mistake. the song is called: Psy Man - Backbiter

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