Monday, January 7, 2008

Shifter, Champion @ Miri NYE Rave 2007/2008 (Malaysia)

Congratulations to Shifter Hardstyle Prodigy who won the "Shuffle Dance Competition 2007 for 2008 New Year Rave Party Countdown" (Malaysia) on 31st Dec 2007. The event was organized by RT Krokop in conjuction with Celcom (telco) and Sarawak Tourism Board and got published in the national press.

Great to see Shuffle events picking up business and tourism sponsorship, fantastic. Here's the winners (pic below), with what look like giant cheque's for the prize money...always welcomed :)

I recognise Alicia and some of the Tribezone guys in the group pic too. Tribezone came 2nd runner up. It's the 1st time they have travelled from Kuching for a competition. Good effort Tribezone, looking forward to seeing more of you.

Below, Shifter members in this event "iqal, faez, afiez, dien & apai.

Shifter have a great set of new moves in this vid. The little 'rubber legs' sideways jump is excellent! well done guys. And that fall, from the circle move is very good, nice development on the motif. In fact, Shifter are showing some very classy moves and are really expanding the whole genre of team shuffling.

Shifter have come a very long way from the 6 months or so ago when they first contacted Melbourne Shuffle Oldskool. Lots of hard work rehearsing. There's no easy way to improve with dance, just sweat.

Well done Shifter.

shifter hardstyle prodigy (champion) @ Miri Rave Party 2007


Here's Cript Ballas 1st Runner Up of the comp, some great Phats with some great Shuffling. This is the first time for Cript Ballas on MSO, welcome guys look forward to seeing more of you.

Cript Ballas 1st Runner Up at Miri Shuffle Competition


And here's Tribezone's performance, very nice to see a bit of classical ballet included in there as well :) Good on ya Tribezone.

Tribezone - Miri Rave Competition 2007

Here's a couple of the other teams below, first time on Melbourne Shuffle Oldskool: 7 Sparkz and Hard Bass Chroniclez, welcome!

And from Melbourne Shuffle Oldskool, Well Done! to all who participated in the event. It's great to see so many enthusiastic about the Shuffle. You make the rest of us proud to be Shufflers!

7 Sparkz @ Miri Indoor Stadium


Hard Bass Chroniclez at Rave Party Competition 2007


  1. congrats to shifter.. DAK JB tUh..

  2. shifter hardstyle prodigyJanuary 7, 2008 at 8:49 PM

    thanx for posted our vid and pic here..
    nice to see u too..