Thursday, February 7, 2008

Happy Lunar New Year

Happy Lunar New Year !

Year 4706 by the Chinese calendar I believe.

>>>>>> Only 99 days until the Global Shuffle !!!


So have you started planning where you'll be 17 May 2008 so you can join other shufflers from around the world to celebrate our great dance ?

It could be like bcln shuffling on the Great Wall of China


Or Rams rocking out on the tram line. Done straight after a meal at Sofias Restaurant, Melbourne


Or like DjinSten in Germany who thought the 'Weather was nice. so i decided to shuffle on my terrace."

Nice Weather German Shuffle Hardstyle Practise

And when it not nice weather outside, in a cartoon  - DjinSten again - because he had the time, he says :).

2 Guys Shuffling, in on a nice meadow, where the sun laughs!


Or like moe916z A Moe - Melbourne Shuffler at Niagara Falls. Moe's a great country town about 2 hours from Melbourne

melbourne shuffle @ niagara falls


Or DjTranny on a New Zealand glacier - now your talking slip.


or like this great little vid by AzoraNHK on a trip to Singapore

sHF singapore shuffle trip!

It can be anywhere, let the world see your favourite shuffle spot in the Global Shuffle

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