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[GSM] 2011 Drammen. Norway. 6 August 2011

Welcome to the first official GLOBAL SHUFFLE MEETUP for 2011 Season.

Please check this official thread for updates about the Drammen Global Shuffle meetup, including the location.

Sted: Drammen. Norway
Kl: 14:00 - 21-00
Dato: 6. August 2011

City: Drammen. Norway
Time:14:00 - 21:00
Date: 6. August 2011




This is what we will use on the music, and it aint a boomblaster =D

And media (Drammens Tidene) newspaper will show up for the event, had an invervju to day) =D


MSO is proud to let shufflers know Konnerud Lyd og Lys (pic above) is our official sponsor for the first [GSM] 2011 of the season in Drammen Norway. Great looking sound system mate, we really appreciate your support.

And you can hear it live in Drammen Norway 6 August 2011.

Local MSO organiser Andre Ekerholt / aka PiXy says "I made the newspaper to day =D Front page second part =D newspaper name is (Drammens Tidene)

So now more then 100.000 people know's about the meetup!!! I have also contacted the TV. Maybe it will hit the norwegian news on tv!”

A BIG Thanks to Drammens Tidene from MSO and shufflers around the globe for their great support, showing the world how it’s done :D


Konnerud Lyd og Lys Links

Tenkte jeg skulle legge ut litt informasjon hvor mye Lyd, lys, lasere og scene Konnerud Lyd og Lys sponser Shuffle Meet Up'en i drammen.

1 x Luna 550mW color laser (lots of different colers)
2 x Venus 50mW green laser
1 x Uranus 100mW green laser
1 x Mercury 100mW red laser

2x 250W colorchanger
1 x Strobe of 1500WATT!!


4 x 18" Yorkville Sub
3 x 15" Electro Voice topp

3x American Audio VX2500
1250 W pr topp
800W pr sub!



We are shocked and saddened to hear news of the bombing and massacre shootings in Oslo. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of those killed and injured, and with our shuffle friends in Norway.

More details Herald Sun Melbourne:

MSO will be monitoring the situation in relation to hold the Drammen meetup 6 August 2011. It may be postponed for some time.

We will be taking direction from local authorities as to whether the meetup will go ahead. Our primary concern is for the safety of those attending.

Please check this official thread for updates.



This is a message from Global Shuffle organiser Andre in Drammen...

Hello From Norway.

I am very sad right now I have friends lost in the attack.
And I am still going to have the shuffle meetup!

Many of us are shocked after the attack Norway is a very peaceful country and nothing like this have ever happened before..

I am very thankful for your understanding, Everyone I meet is to sad about it right now 3 people from my town where killed after the attack and my BEST friend lost his sister.. it is unthinkable ...

But we are going to shuffle with passion and I will dance for freedom and expression of love.


Garry Shepherd: I've asked the guys to postpone the meetup, but I can understand the need, especially now for them to be with each other and support each other in this time of great sorrow. We'll be monitoring the situation and taking advice from local authorities as well.

More details about the tragedy from Drammens Tidene

This is the Norway Andre would like shufflers to know about in his latest shuffle vid before the tragedy.

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