Thursday, November 27, 2008


ROBOSHUFFLE We don't mean shuffle like a robot, we mean make a real robot shuffle !!!

Mindstorms ALPHA REX in particular. (pic below)

Can you make your Lego Mindstorms Alpha Rex Shuffle ?

I can't, but I'm going to try, he's already got Phat type legs :)

So far I can get him to boogie along to Jpop, which is kinda appropriate, but hardstyle is a bit intense. I'm figuring that I'll need to adjust gear ratios a bit and get some sideways leg movement happening.

Then of course play around with the AI programming to get some smooth shuffling.

SO wanna join me in some fun trying to get robot's to shuffle and shoot shuffle vids of them ?

Have you already succeeded and have some code or tips you want to share ?

Then join us on the MSO forum


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