Thursday, July 10, 2008

Stair Shuffle @ 3 weeks

NaQi a.k.a HaunTer has only been shuffling for 3 weeks and attempted an Xtreem Shuffle challenge, the stair dance. He filmed it with his phone camera. Very well done.

So for all you beginners wondering if you should try, this is what can be accomplished in 3 weeks, so have a go too ;)

If you're not sure how to start shuffling, check out the MSO > Where Do I Start topic on the forum.


NaQi a.k.a HaunTer ( MAS )


My second shuffle's video after 3 weeks of shuffle. Please give me some usefull comment in order to improve my skill. but pls dont be too harsh XD btw,sorry for the bad editing & graffic coz i record this video with my phone. =) thx for watching!

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