Wednesday, April 22, 2009

4MR - For Mother Russia


4MR - For Mother Russia are a shuffle crew from Moscow.

They've been shuffling for about a year and a half now.

pcKOT spotted the shuffle online and told Trash7 about this strange new dance called the Melbourne Shuffle. So they learnt the basics from shuffle tutorials online and then started making shuffle films.

They will also be featured in the Global Shuffle documentary dvd, that MSO is producing at the moment.

We want to see shufflers home towns in Global Shuffle, so I asked 4MR to get some shots around Moscow, their favourite shuffle places etc, and if they could, get some shots of them shuffling in the snow. Because we don't get snow in Melbourne and I wanted to see what it was like :)

Well of course you have to go outside in the middle of a Russian winter to do that, which I kinda forgot about, seeing it was summer in Melbourne when I asked them.

So the guys deserve a medal for going out and doing it, all in the name of shuffling :D And it looks mighty cold, well done 4MR.

Check out some Moscow winter shuffle.

4MR Invaders must die

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