Friday, October 9, 2009

My Latest Vid

Here's some of the latest posts in My Latest Vid section of the MSO forum. Anyone can post their shuffle vids on the MSO Forum.


Pleaase comment in my a shuffle beginner...but please..can u comment?


IBD/ShiroX Rawk! 

Hey Mates  For a week i have a new video and i want to
show u my video
Hope u enjoy and give meh critism in a comment and rating
(: Maybeh u want subscribe meh ?


THA Anip and Aiai


KHS Shuffling vid :)

Hey my shuffle vid only been shuffling for 3 weeks


RoH// Pure

me and Fluro shuffling, im the one in the phats mainly. lawl. i use my left foot wayyyyyyy to much, but im better now




My new video. Tell me what you think
I filmed the middle part with a toe infection!
For some reason on here it does not give you the HD option. sorry.

yes i know the running man is not as good as it should i have already fixed that. no use commenting on it.


PHS// Koty

Bored on a stormy day. What better to do than shuffle?
Shuffling to Spuerstar DJ and Paxi Fixi
How original...



Advice? Tips?

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