Thursday, December 9, 2010


Many shufflers don't have a film festival in their area for the Global Shuffle Movie+Meet Up tour 2011/2012. So we will be trying to get the tour to your local cinema.

If your town has a cinema, one that shows independent movies especially, there is a good chance we can arrange for a special screening of Global Shuffle and hold a Meet Up.

What we need first of all is an indication that there are enough shufflers and other people in town who want to see a Shuffle movie.

WHAT TO DO… on the MSO forum

1. Tell us what town/country you are from and that you are interested in having the Movie+Meet Up tour in your town.

2. Post the name or web site of a local cinema that you think might consider screening Global Shuffle. You can ask them if you want to and give them the official Global Shuffle site so they can contact us for more details. Or we can contact them.

3. Post map/details of any meet up site/s you think may be suitable. They need to be public spaces 5-10 min walk from the cinema.

We'll check out the details and if it looks possible, we'll start an new official thread for your town and start work on getting Global Shuffle to town.

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