Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Shifter - Melbourne Shuffle Winners

Congratulations from Melbourne Shuffle Oldskool, to Shifter for 1st place doing a great choreographed team shuffle at the 'Graceful Live Show And Art Exibition 2007' in Jusco Tebrau (Malaysia).

Seems their practice has paid off! Some really good synchronised shuffling here, great to see. Here's some vids of the performance

Shifter @ Jusco Tebrau (posted by Apekwhuut)

shifter hardstyle prodigy 3


  1. shifter hardstyle prodigySeptember 7, 2007 at 11:21 PM

    hi garry, thanx for the post.
    Prepared for next comp middle okt i guess.Catch u later with new vid and pic!
    thanx again mate!
    keep in touch!

  2. I published this negative 'Ooh noo' as an example.

    In future, Negative comments will be published on this site only if you give reasons for your comment and sign them with your online name.

    Melbourne Shuffle is a supportive culture. Is OK if you don't like something, but to be fair to people you comment about, you need to say why, and identify yourself - so no 'anon'.

    Sometimes negative comments can be helpful to the dancers/ artists, and usually they are interested in what you have to say.

    Sometimes there can just be a misunderstanding. Melbourne Shuffle Oldskool is an international site and English is not everybody's language. So misunderstandings, especially with different cultural attitudes can occur.

    Melbourne has over 180 languages spoken and we like to include everyone and have respect for different cultures, even if we don't agree with them or like them. It's everybody's planet. No Wars please.

    So for negative comments - Example: you didn't like music, dance, style, competition, video etc.

    Saying just 'No' or 'Don't like it' could be because you are just jealous. Maybe you don't like teams or competitions, which means the dancers are OK but just not your taste in dance.

    We also moderate comments to stop spam and haters. Haters are not welcome on Melbourne Shuffle Oldskool because they are boring.

    So to be fair to everybody, if you don't like something, please explain why.


  3. Never stop rockin off!
    Live to shuffle, shuffle to live!
    This page is a great tribute to something that only encourages the individual and it makes me proud to be a melburnian that pulls on a pair of fattys every weekend without fail! HARDSTYLE OOT OOT!

  4. don't u ever worry..
    shuffle will stay forever..
    it's a nice cooperate of melbourne & malaysia..
    we will always support shuffle..
    go melbourne & malaysia shuffler..
    Frm=malaysian shuffler citizen(boi)