Tuesday, March 18, 2008

New MSO Forum


We got rid of that horrible google group thang, for a different format that I (and heaps of others) really prefer using. :)

It's absolutely fresh off the server, so get on board

I'll be working on it the new few weeks, doing some tweaking etc and filling in blanks. So don't wait for me, if you feel the need... post away.

To get things started, (prompted by Dino in the MSO chat box btw) ...

Just What Is Oldskool?

We say it a lot, and it's different to many. Just what do we mean by Oldskool Hmmm?

> more on the new forum...


UPDATE. wed 19 march 2008 We're all hanging out on the new forum for a bit, while setting it up. Drop by catch up on the latest news and goss. See you there, when you're done here...Garry

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