Saturday, April 12, 2008

Melbourne Shuffle LT - New Lithuania Melbourne Shuffle forum

Great to see our shuffle friends in Lithuania getting a forum online in local language.

I'm not too sure what they're saying, but it looks like they're giving the Global Shuffle *thumbs up* :)

Great to hear, we're looking forward to seeing some Global Shuffle vids from Lithuania.

Forum:  Melbourne Shuffle LT


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> MSO is (slowly) adding all Shufflers countries/cities to the MSO Googlemap. So your town will be there soon I promise :)

There's over 3500 cities/towns of shufflers who visit MSO, so it'll take a little while ;)


  1. Well i'm lithunian and they saing that we lithunians need a big meet up
    for the global shuffle thing. ;]

  2. hey thanks for that :) look forward to seeing the meet-up