Monday, June 16, 2008

Corda de Rua - Melbourne Shuffle. Brasil Rope Shuffle !!

Now this is a brilliant example of how you can add moves from your local culture to the Melbourne Shuffle. These Brasil shufflers have got it sorted big time !!! :)

From what I can gather from my non-existent Portuguese, this is an event run by Corda de Rua which google translates as String of Street, but is probably better in english as 'street skipping' or more literally 'street rope'

Check out the shuffle using skipping ropes, amazing skills. I think we'll have to call it ROPE SHUFFLE.

Well done Brasil, BRILHANTE!!!

Corda de Rua - Melbourne Shuffle. 19 May 2008

MSO will be doing a feature article on Brasil Shufflers soon, here's how you can get into the feature.


We want to see more Brasil Shuffle vids ! Do you have some or know of some ? You are welcome to post them on MSO forum Brasil Shuffle Vids


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Here's some pics of the day from Camiie



  1. thx man...
    we loved jump and dance in ibirapuera park...
    that's something fantastic

    what the full met up in youtube too


  2. thx HBK\\TushO, we want to see more brasil shuffle vids, and the full meet up, you are welcome to post links and vids on the new Brasil Shuffle vids thread too ;)