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Melbourne Zombie Shuffle # 3 - 14 June 2008

it's on again, the 3rd Melbourne Zombie Shuffle 14 June 2008, a great chance to impress the world with your make-up skills and zombie shuffle

Melbourne Zombie Shuffle

Event Info Host: the living dead
Type: Causes - Rally
Time and Place Date: Saturday, June 14, 2008
Time: 12:30pm - 2:00pm
Location: Exhibition Gardens and beyond
Street: Cnr Rathdowne & Victoria

Official site:

Previous melbourne zombie shuffle

Melbourne has had a long underground theatre tradition and was the environment the Melbourne Shuffle was created in.

There is a popular misconception with the shuffle's ' not impress' . We have no problem being impressive when we express our selves. Such as the Melbourne Zombie Shuffle today, very much part of the Melbourne Underground tradition. There are no boundaries in underground Melbourne, we are all the one thing

Here's some examples at the oldskool Goth Ball 1995 Carnival Of Lost Souls, featuring The Baroness (President of the Australian Vampyre Legion) and Love Lies Bleeding, with belly dancing to Dead Can Dance tracks and a side show goth Freak show - warning some images will undoubtedly  offend. Plus a bunch of other freaks ( a complimentary term for those who take it seriously).


* * UPDATE * *
Victoria Police have given the zombie shuffle the okay, all systems are go - see you on Saturday 14th, BRAAAAIINS!!
* * UPDATE * *
Fellow flesh-eaters of Melbourne, let's make it happen again.
The usual rules apply: dress zombie, act zombie.
Invite as many people as you can, let's get this show on the road!
- - - - - - - - - - - - -

Because there are a number of zombie shuffle virgins this time around, there are just a few simple 'rules' that need to be obeyed so that the day can be enjoyed by all (including human bystanders) with a minimum of capsicum spray/arrests/truncheon-usage/annoying Today Tonight reports/etc.

Just because you are a zombie, doesn't mean you must also be a dickhead.

1. NO defacing public property, under any circumstances. This includes shop fronts, windows, merchandise, billboards, etc etc. Blood and guts goes on the zombies, or on a banner/sign if you want to carry one, not other people's stores, belongings or faces.

1.a. Try to stay out of shops where possible to ensure rule 1. is maintained.

1.b NO carrying weapons of any sort, particularly realistic-looking ones. Your zombieness is enough, thanks!

2. NO intentional frightening of children/the elderly/animals. Seriously.

2.a. However if you have/are a child/old person/animal who WANTS to participate, then you are welcome to!

2.b. Above all, respect the public's personal space! If you need to drip blood on someone, do it on a fellow zombie - that's what they're there for.

3. Stick to the shuffle route (Carlton Gardens > La Trobe St > Swanston > Fed Sq > Southbank > Crown riverbanks).

4. Obey the road rules! Mainly because we don't want any zombies getting killed (again) by cars/trams/etc, but also because it is hilarious to see zombies pressing crossing buttons, waiting at red lights, etc (see event photos).

5. Just in case we haven't made it abundantly clear, don't be a zombie dickhead! Play by the rules and let everyone have a great day.
- - - - - - - - - - - - -
Q. Dude, WTF?

Q. So what do we have to do to take part?
A. Dress as a zombie (because you are one, right?) and lurch/shuffle/stumble through the city then congregate at the end point. It's simple, really.

Q. Can I invite my friends?
A. You bet! The more zombies the merrier.

Q. Can I make a flyer to give out at my gigs/uni/self-help class?
A. Yes! Just make sure it has all the necessary details on it (including an abbreviated version of the zombie rules).

Q. Can't I just walk alongside the zombies and laugh/point/take photos?
A. Don't be boring - wouldn't you rather dress as a brains-hungry living corpse and carry a sign saying "GOT BRAINS?" (or something wittier) than be one of THOSE people who comes to costume parties wearing a "funny" hat and an embarrassed expression?

Q. How do I make myself look like a zombie?
A. There are loads of sites with how-to info on theatre and FX makeup; both Backstage (Kryolan) and Bernards' Magic Shop have been listed in this event's 'Posted Items' if you need a makeup supplier.

Q. What sort of zombies?
A. Any you like! You can come "traditional" Romero style, Danny Boyle "rage" zombie, spooky Haitian voodoo zombie, and so on, provided you're a) the living dead and b) you want BRAAAAIIINS.

Q. Can I come as a 'themed' zombie?
A. Yes! Themed zombies add some colour and movement to the day and are hilarious - past efforts include Commonwealth Games zombies, wedding day zombies, lawn bowls zombies, Swiss Miss zombies...

Q. Can I come as a vampire/werewolf/mummy/Wolverine?
A. No, der, this is a zombie shuffle. Unless you want to get into some sort of meta horror mashup and come as a vampire zombie, but that's just confusing.




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melbourne zombie shuffle 14 june 2008


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