Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Antwerp Shuffle Meet Up

Good to see our shuffle friends from Belgium, Cray and  Enira who run  getting into the shuffle spirit and meeting up with a couple of dutch shufflers. Much better than the online bagging dutch shufflers have been hit with on various forums the past 6 months or so ;)

See guys, doesn't matter where you come from, if you're a true shuffler, you let each other be who they wanna be, and just get on with shuffling ;) - if they can keep their eyes off the girls walking past long enough lol.

Nice to see some Bass Agents hoodies in the vid and on the sound track too. - Bass Agents will be doing some tracks for the upcoming MSO DVD Doc to be released in 2009.

So, Well done guys, lets see more of this !

>>> "Melbourne shuffle meeting in Antwerp - Belgium, hosted by Unrestricted BE. Also present that day were dutch shufflers like Pim and Miljano. It was great! "

Antwerp Melbourne Shuffle meeting - edited by Millie


  1. 4 Sep 08, 02:54
    Pim: I love this site, I look at it every day, and now youve got the vid of the antwerp meetup on it, it was great. Greetings Pim, one of the bagged dutch shufflers

  2. 4 Sep 08, 20:11
    Garry: Hey great to hear from you Pim. Lets hope you have lots more meet-ups so we can post them too