Thursday, September 4, 2008

Shuffle Not A Street Dance ?


The Shuffle not a Street dance ? hahaha tell that to the thousands of shufflers who turned up to free Melbourne Street Dance Parties each year for 10 years

Update May 2010: Please note some pics have been moved. You can see the street dance parties in the Global Shuffle feature documentary

My god the commercial club owners are at it again, feeding crap to naive noob forums, even in Melbourne.

Their latest idiotic suggestion is that the Shuffle is not a street dance. What a load of crap lol.

According to them, the Shuffle can only be danced in a club or at a rave - firstly we don't call them raves in Melbourne, we call them DANCE PARTIES.

This is really desperation time for lots of has-been commercial clubs as we again come into party season in Melbourne. Shufflers are avoiding them by the 1000's. Preferring to shuffle in the street, or go to underground venues.

We at MSO have no problem with clubs that support shuffling, we promote them all the time, the same with Dance Parties. More than happy to.

But to suggest that the Shuffle can't be danced in the streets and you can't have a meet up outside - only in a  club or party venue !?!, is the biggest load of crap since the failed attempt to ban the Shuffle around this time last year. It all goes back to selling alcohol in clubs, that's all it's about. They just want your beer money, it's got nothing to do with the shuffle at all.




We have great weather in Melbourne from Spring till Autumn (fall) and we get out and Shuffle in the sunshine, in the street in the parks, in the car parks, where ever we want to.

We had regular FREE STREET DANCE PARTIES FOR OVER A DECADE in Melbourne (1990's) with up to 100,000 people turning up. Street dancing is a Melbourne institution. It's painfully obviously these forums and commercial clubs know NOTHING about the Melbourne Shuffle or Melbourne !!

Of course the Shuffle is a street dance !

Here's just a few street shuffling events from the early and mid 1990's starting with 12,000 shufflers in the Melbourne City Square at a FREE STREET DANCE PARTY 1994.

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