Sunday, March 1, 2009

Australian Shuffler - SHFL

Some may have noticed the MSO logo appearing on the Australian Shuffler / So You Think You Can Shuffle website and publicity flyers. (pic right)

Dodgy - SHFL and Australian Please note that MSO is in no way involved with the Shuffle Hard For Life (SHFL) event or the So You Think You Can Shuffle contest, mainly because MSO thinks it's too cheesy and sounds dodgy.

Despite rumours, MSO and Garry Shepherd will NOT be screening shuffle videos at the SHFL event, nor associating with Australian Shuffler / So You Think You Can Shuffle / Mark Midro and Bexta (Rebecca Poulson), in any future projects - because I don't trust them.

Templeth said...

"because I don't trust them"
Love it

March 10, 2009 1:07 AM
Garry Shepherd said...

Thanks Templeth. Yep sad but true, It's not the 'first official' shuffle meet-up at fed sq anyway, there's been plenty. The first official meet-up was Cup Day Nov 2007 and it was free. I was there, it was a great meet-up. These SHFL jokers haven't got a clue, You'd think at least the PHD Dj would know that.
No offense to the shufflers who have entered or the other prize sponsers, but when a dance competition offers a pro DJ turntable as one of the major prizes you know they're not shufflers, how many shufflers even own old vinyl records?.
And who is this video clip for, what act ? - make sure you get a signed contract with them before you appear ;)
And what Malaysian meet-up? It doesn't even have a name, yet it's the main prize !!
All that says to me is...

March 10, 2009 1:07 PM
Garry Shepherd said...

here's the link to the REAL 1st Official Shuffle Meet-up Melbourne Cup Day November 8 2007. It was arranged by shufflers on the melbshuffle forum. It was a great day. I'm surprised the PHD dj didn't know about it with 1000's of PHD hoodies there. Maybe he does know but he's sold out. dunno
But judge for yourselves, it was a huge successful event run by shufflers on a shuffle forum, all for free. Even the security guards and Fed Sq management were impressed with how well behaved everyone was. There to shuffle, not to cause trouble.
I'm proud to have been there and will defend it's title as the 1st Official Melbourne Shuffle Meet-up to be held in Federation Square.
There's some superb shuffling in this vid, well worth a look.
[CUP DAY] Shuffle Meetup Nov 8 2007

March 10, 2009 2:31 PM
Garry Shepherd said...

Apparently now they're calling it the 'First ever national shuffle comp' Since being caught out with the first fed sq shuffle gaff.
But the title for First national com is laughable seeing they didn't advertise it, or hold local state competitions first. So it don't count, (no offence to whoever was named Australia's top shuffler) but I doubt one small meetup qualifies as a 'National Competition' whereever it's held. Good god, these SHFL people are hopeless
The day was a dud in crowd size. There were 90% empty seats and just a couple of dozen on the dance floor. Pretty poor compared to the other shuffle meet-ups that draw 100+ shufflers.
I've seen a few melb forums horrified at SHFL and they can't believe the dj's were involved in such a shonky event. Some of them ripped right into Bexta and Mark Midro over it, suggesting they go back to sydney...but I wouldn't force them on our sydney shuffle friends either.

April 3, 2009 3:30 PM

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