Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Singapore Shuffle Meet Up: 25th July 2009

Event : Singapore Shuffle Meet Up
Date : 25th July 2009
Venue : Vivocity (Skypark)
Time : 12pm ~ Late night
Organizer : HazardMinors David 

Crews coming : THA , HM , HSR , HSRockerz , HardtekSG , SDF , THAT , .h.e.m , THR , EMO , HK , T.H.I.S , ex-crews and more! Wanna be part of the local scene? Come down and spread the word across Singapore.

Q: How to get there?
A: Most understandable way is to take the MRT to Harbour front and proceed to the highest top of the building.

Q: I want to come but i feel alone. What should i do?
A: Bring a friend along or contact anyone in the local scene such as to keep in touch.

Q: Will the security interrupt the event?
A: Most probably no because we have held such meet ups before.

Contacts available(also can ask for their No.) :
SDF Xero - dantelucia@hotmail.com
HSR Aizil - b-inage@hotmail.com
THA Sufyan - ProJoker17@hotmail.com
HM David - davcantdance@live.com
HM Panda - pandax369@hotmail.com

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