Wednesday, August 5, 2009

HARD HEADZ @ 16.05.2009. 4MR//Moscow

4MR (For Mother Russia) are having fun this summer in Moscow. They're shooting video for the Global Shuffle dvd documentary, and showing us what it's like being a Shuffler in Moscow. Which includes going to dance parties ;)

Here's some great shuffling, jumpstyle and hardstyle done Russian style at HARD HEADZ a few weeks back.

2 BROTHERS OF HARDSTYLE, S.I.D.R., Andy Wolf, Dertexx, Hardstyler, Pitch Project, Screamer, LoLo, Solovey, МС B-Kicker, J4S, 4MR, E.A.T., MHD, H4L.

HARD HEADZ @ 16.05.2009

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