Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Scooter - J'adore Hardcore

A new clip by Scooter - J'adore Hardcore has emerged online with lots of Shuffling shots in Melbourne.

It's worth a look. The shufflers look like hired pro dancers who know shuffle steps, rather than Shufflers. They do the oldskool steps well, but just repeat the same couple of steps over and over. It would of been nice to see some more variety.

But that might have been out of the control of the dancers. It's really a marketing clip to sell this track, not a Shuffle vid. The record Company wouldn't like people to be more impressed with the shuffling than the lead act, Scooter, who doesn't dance at all.

Cultural: How did the clip maker go at representing the Melbourne Shuffle on it's home turf ? - We like to do this to correct any cultural misunderstandings. In a city that speaks over 200 languages in day to day life, we find it's a benefit ;)

Well they got the roof top shuffling right, plenty of space fantastic view, and it was usually the roof of the building oldskool shufflers lived in.

They got Laneways right as a cultural reference (read more ) though we never really shuffle in them, Basically because they're too narrow, we've got plenty of really wide open places to shuffle.

And Unlike that freshly swept laneway in the vid - with fresh never walked on chalk to grunge it up a little, in your average Melbourne back alley and lane there's always gravel small stones, broken glass, squashed food from waste bins, rats, vomit and piss on the ground, not to forget junkies used syringes. Not the safest or most enjoyable place to shuffle.

We'd go for a polished marble floor in a building foyer. Most often we'd shuffle outside our studio front door in the polished vinyl passageways of our buildings. It's the only way to glide, in socks too ! :) Or multilevel carparks, with smooth concrete plenty of room, under cover. There's hundreds of them all over town.

We'd have Laneway parties for sure, but they'd be packed wall to wall, standing room only, you wouldn't shuffle there.

I think they're a bit confused with the graffiti too. Graf isn't part of shuffle culture it's part of hip-hop. By 1990 we'd already had a decade of 1st-time-'round hip-hop.

We wanted  something new, we got into animated computer graphics and experimental video making, then broadcast them on our own tv stations, exactly the same as shufflers do today posting Shuffle vids on youtube, kind of a cultural, missed on that ;)

But never mind, just having some fun with ya there Scooter, the clips not a bad job.

But a rave anthem hands up in the air ? no Scooter, you should be shuffling feet, this is 'dance' music. You should try it. It's easy to learn, even little kids can do it...

Checkout the MSO SHUFFLE TUTORIAL to learn. ;)



Seems scooter's been a naughty boy and not only copied his look from Billy Idol, but copied the other idol clone Vanilla Ice, stupidly stealing tracks

But first I must state, that he may have actually paid for their use, quite rightly. After all his big 1996 hit was a happy hardcore version of Billy Idol's 1983 hit, Rebel Yell.

You can be sure Mr Idol's lawyers made sure license fees were paid in full by Scooter ;)

So judge away friends.

J'adore hardcore - Scooter Copying

Scooter 1996 cover of Billy Idol, Rebel Yell.


  1. Hi Gary
    Sally here . I used to run apocalypse with Helen, Wendy and Richard. Nice to see you have some of the basketball team and such on your site.
    I hope you are doing well.
    I'm at the Greyhound in St Kilda now.

  2. Hey great to hear from you Sally, catch up with me on facebook, search for Garry Shepherd

  3. The two shufflers in the vid are actualy Pae and Sarah. Both of them are now largly hated in the shuffle community for appearing in the vid, poor them :S its sad to see such legends brought down this way

  4. Hey thanks for that, I vaguely recognised Paes face, but didn't know where from. Most;y know their earlier vids.

    That actually explains a lot, both a great shufflers, and clearly pro, but no doubt they could only do what the clip makers wanted.

    But they shouldn't be hated for appearing in the clip, that's crazy. We oldskoolers were always working in professional theatre, TV, movies, etc for a job. That's what PRO means.

  5. Been checking around, seems the greater shuffle community has no problem with Pae and Sarah being in the video.

    MSO has no problem with it either, in fact we congratulate them and hope they get more work from it, perhaps some work where they can really show what they can do.

    From what I can gather it's just envy from other local shufflers who missed out on the job, but would now claim they were never interested, and generally immature attitudes from their noob shufflers trying to impress older ones with similar hate comments, not realising Shufflers aren't into hate.

    I'm sure Pae and Sarah will survive okay, it comes with the pro territory and you get over it pretty quick and just get on with your shuffle career.

    They'll find that pro shufflers support each other, understanding the dedication and committment it takes to reach pro level...and stay there. It's very tough, and other pro shufflers are both your friends and competition. It's an awkward but hugely satisfiying lifestyle. Been living it most of my life would not change it for the world.

    But a warning to all who aspire to pro level shuffling, if you can't take public criticism, then don't perform in public.

  6. hi ppl just wondering what Pae and Sarah second names where thanks